Monday, July 2, 2012

The 5k that Kicked Me in the Face

Of all the distances I’ve now run, 5k to Marathon, I never thought it would be a 5k that I would have to publicly admit dominated my sh*t, excuse the term.

Let me rewind really quickly however, and wish you all a Happy July! It’s kind of throwing me that the 4th is mid-week… and it seems that most of my office chose this week as a vacation week. It’s going to be a lonnellllyyy week on my yoga ball.

My ball. Maybe I should name him/her?
Big storms rolled through here on Friday night and really f’ed up about half of Maryland. Power is still out in a lot of places today… and our phone lines at work were on and off all day. It really threw off plans to see the movie “Ted” on Saturday night when we rolled up to the theater and the power was out there.Supposedly it's pretty difficult to show movies when there isn't any power. Who woulda thought?

So naturally, we went to the nearest bar and played a few rounds of Buckhunter before calling it an early night. We had a 5k to dominate on Sunday morning.

real men play Buckhunter.

I'm sorry, did I say dominate? I meant get bitchslapped by it. Because that’s exactly what the weather/race course did. To me more than Andrew, as he ran it with his younger cousin and took a couple walking breaks with him.

It was honestly the first race that I have ever run where I finished and felt like I was going to simultaneously throw up/pass out/crap myself. TMI? Sorry I’m not sorry. It ended up being worth it, as I was the first girl to cross the finish and walked away with a free pair of shoes, massage and a pretty little glass trophy.

Awkward much?

All of my winnings. Minus the lamp.
My final time was 21:07, about 30 seconds off of my PR. I’m happy with that time, as it was (once again) a very hilly course, the first mile being completely downhill (6:00 mile) and the last mile and a half being completely uphill. Humidity was probably around 400%, and temps were unheard of for an 8 AM race. However, I’m not complaining because I told everyone to stop doing that in my last post.

Post-race hydration. Have I ever told you about my deep love for the stuff?
After the race we headed down to Bethesda, MD to watch the last round of the AT&T National. We had snagged some cheap tix on LivingSocial, and since neither of us had ever been to a PGA Tour Tournament, we figured why not. It ended up being pretty neat event, as Tiger Woods won the whole tournament, and we braved the heat and stayed until the end to see it happen.

18th Hole. Where the Magic Happens. 

I really want to insert some kind of sexual reference in this caption, but will refrain myself.
I’ve now got my golf clap down to a tee (excuse the pun) and am prepared use it in any necessary situation. I’m actually about to use it right now, as I commend the fact that we are currently in a two day work week.

Relaxing on the course.
How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone else get plans thrown off by the weather?

Cheers to a mid-week day off!


  1. Congrats on your first place finish, that's an amazing time! I came across your blog on Peanut Butter Fingers and had to say hi when I saw you live in Columbia, MD. I work there, random coincidence!

    1. hey thanks! Columbia is cool... kinda confusing at first, but I like it! :) thanks for stopping by!


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