Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not So Important Updates

Hey, what do ya know. I still got it. Was shooting to go sub-8 today, and somehow I managed. It sure wasn't pretty, especially with an egg sandwich sitting in my stomach, but I managed.

It was a busy week at work. The busiest week I've had yet actually. Of course, there's always a little time for play.

There was also time for me to take random pictures of things over the past few days that I wanted to write about. Yet I now realize none of them really coincide with one another.

Can't say I really care.

1.       Bricks are hard. And let me clarify: I'm talking about the workout. Not an actual brick.

Brick = Biking --> running workout = hard.

2.       I love the dryers at the gym that dry swimsuits in record breaking times. Everytime I use one my day becomes a little brighter.

3.        My old school iPod of like 6 years broke. It was the one I keep hooked up in my car, giving me access to all 4000 of my songs at any given time. Friday was a sad day.

Sad iPod

4.       It doesn’t gross me out when I forget to bring flip flops to the gym to shower/walk around the locker room in. I know that’s not really socially acceptable, but I’ve never really had an issue with it. Sorry mom.

5.       I am extremely proud of the fact that I can drink black coffee, and enjoy it too.

And if that wasn't random enough for ya, I don't know what else to tell you. Hope you're weekend is rocking out.


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