Monday, July 9, 2012

Makeup-less Mondays

I've never been a fan of the massive media endorsement of skinny little models who look like they are withering away to nothing. And I resent the fact that so many magazines still airbrush and Photoshop the heck out of advertisements, to erase every last bump and blemish.

That irks me.

That's why I love this whole 'strong is the new beautiful' movement. 'Sweat is the new black'... 'eat clean train dirty.' etc. etc.

I love that sh*t.

I love that Under Armour put on a 'What's Beautiful' challenge, and that women all over the country took part in it. Described as a "competition to redefine the female athlete" I found it incredibly encouraging.

I specifically followed one participator in the challenge who has ended up in the Top 10 Finalists of the competition. In truth we barely know each other; I went to this camp with her, and of course Facebook friend-ed her afterwards because we possibly had more than five minutes of total interaction and were therefore best friends for life.

She's doing big things. Check it out.

Sarah's "Team Knoxville"

This is one of those mushy, feel good posts. But I don't care, because I adamantly believe that it's things like this that our country needs. A country in the midst of an obesity crisis, yet with an estimated 10 million women suffering from classified eating disorders (anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa).

Not cool.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just as guilty as the next girl. I find myself obsessing over a few pounds, and examining my acne in the mirror.

Which got me to thinking. If I'm going to sit here and run my mouth about how mad these things make me... why don't I do something about it too? Asides from just writing a blog and taking pictures of my food and all that jazz.

[speaking of, here's what I had for breakfast this morning. blueberry overnight oats with some coconut on top.... yummm]

Ladies & Gents, I present to you another addition to my strange, ever-changing blog.

Makeup-less Mondays.

I commit, starting today & every Monday here on out, to go 100% barefaced. Every Monday, my face will be butt-naked. Won't find any makeup on this bad boy.

6:30 AM. still confused as to what day it even is.
This won't be something I write about every Monday, because let's be honest there are only so many pictures of my pretty little face that I can post on here before even my mom gets tired of reading. 

More than anything, I encourage you women out there (or men... hey, that's cool too) to participate with me, and layoff the eyeliner for one day a week.

Off to work I go! Makeup free.

Maybe it will be liberating? Empowering? That's what I'm going for at least. Because we were beautiful just the way that God made us. And I mean that in the least cliche way possible... because it's true.

oh hey me.
If you want to join, let me know... or don't let me know, that's fine too! The more the merrier!

Cheers to a very naked, makeup-less Monday... and many more!


  1. i LOVE the makeup-less idea. A few girls at the high school my parents teach at tried to do a day where all women - students and teachers, went without makeup. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but i don't think too many girls actually did it.
    Good for you, girl! Inspiring. I'm in! :)


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