Friday, July 20, 2012

Chi-Town Bound

Sweet home, Chicago. Boy, do I need this trip. Seeing some familiar faces this weekend is going to be freaking fantastic.

Chicago Skyline oh hey thanks for the pic sis
First, a short story. On Wednesday evening due to some pretty severe storms rolling through the area I took my workout indoors to the gym. I’m really not the biggest fan of a solid 60 minutes of cardio on machines anymore, but sometimes it’s necessary....

For my last 20 minutes I journeyed over to the StairMaster, and hit that bitch hard did something I’ve never done. I turned it up to a pretty high level, and instead of just stepping… I did like a slow jog type thing. It may have even been comparable to a skipping-type wrestling move, I'm not sure but some of the looks I was getting left me with that impression.

sucking in air
It was WAY harder than your typical Stairmaster climb, and left me super sweaty. 
Afterwards, I did some lifting and weighted abs:

I also had my last softball game of the season (I think?) this week, and I got a solid single to end out the year! It isn’t necessarily the ‘making contact’ part that is difficult for me, but getting it past the short stop; where I literally hit it every.single.time.

'hey andrew take a pic of me with my glove!'
It's hard when you're boyfriend, Mr. Baseball, is hitting bombs every game and your team happens to love him, while meanwhile I struggle to get on base.


I’m sure at this point you’re dying to know why I’m jetting off to Chicago this afternoon.  Well, I’ll spare you the anxiety and give you the 4-1-1.

One of my best, longest-standing friends who I wrote about in one of my first ever blog posts when she got engaged back in February has her bachelorette party this weekend. In Chi-Town USA. 

And me, being one of her lowly bridesmaids, wouldn’t miss it for the world!

aww a highschool throwback pic how presh.

The weekend as a whole will be full of catching up with fantastic friends from both high school and college, probably a few too many beers and treats, and if I had to take a gander, zero miles.

That's actually the specific reason why I chose to start my marathon training on this coming Monday opposed to this past one. No need to set myself up for failure. No need at all.

I wouldn’t expect to hear from me again until Monday.  As much as I love you guys, Chicago has my full attention this weekend. I'll try my hardest to get some blog-appropriate pics, yet as we know, bachelorette parties aren’t necessarily your typical G-rated movie type evening. Just saying.

Cheers to the beautiful bachelorette I’m celebrating this weekend!

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  1. AHHHHH SWEET HOME CHICAGO!!!!!!! Have so much fun in our city for me pretty please :D



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