Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's back

I recently got into a debate with one of my coworkers that fall things (including pumpkin things) should not be acknowledged until September. He disagreed and said the start of college football marks the start of fall for him.

You say Tomato I say Tomato.

My point is, for me September = Fall. I believe our calendars say that Autumn begins on Monday, September 22nd if we are being all official and stuff, but whatever.

You better believe I've already broken into some pumpkin beer.

Andrew had the brilliant idea that we should head to West Virginia after work on Friday and do some camping - something we had never done as a couple. The weather was perfect, our campsite was beautiful, I'm still so happy that he suggested it.

I snapped some cool shots, ate some s'mores, and we both tried hard to maintain an impressive fire which quickly became unimpressive.

The s'mores got cooked, that's all that matters.

While I sat there watching the sun fade and reflect off the water, all cozy in my sweatpants, I couldn't help but think about why fall is one of my favorites (cliche, I know, I know). I don't know what it is, but I feel a slight shifting in my soul with the onset of fall. It's a little bit of calming down as crazy summer starts to wave goodbye, mixed with excitement for the relaunch of football, beautiful colors, crisp cool runs, and of course the impending holidays.

Then there's the whole planning to switch from a Miss to a Mrs. That's pretty cool to look forward to I guess...

(263 Days. The Knot counts down for me I swear I don't have it memorized)

Anyways, this is just my obligatory "welcome to fall" post. We've got a busy three weeks coming up -we are traveling/on the road 8 of the next 18 days. It will be amazing to see my future bro & sis in law say
I do 
out in Cali, as well as to make a quick trip out to CO to do some wedding stuff of our own.

In short, hang tight. Fall is coming in hot (or hopefully cool, if mother nature figures it out) and it's looking to take our breath away.

Cheers -