Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's back

I recently got into a debate with one of my coworkers that fall things (including pumpkin things) should not be acknowledged until September. He disagreed and said the start of college football marks the start of fall for him.

You say Tomato I say Tomato.

My point is, for me September = Fall. I believe our calendars say that Autumn begins on Monday, September 22nd if we are being all official and stuff, but whatever.

You better believe I've already broken into some pumpkin beer.

Andrew had the brilliant idea that we should head to West Virginia after work on Friday and do some camping - something we had never done as a couple. The weather was perfect, our campsite was beautiful, I'm still so happy that he suggested it.

I snapped some cool shots, ate some s'mores, and we both tried hard to maintain an impressive fire which quickly became unimpressive.

The s'mores got cooked, that's all that matters.

While I sat there watching the sun fade and reflect off the water, all cozy in my sweatpants, I couldn't help but think about why fall is one of my favorites (cliche, I know, I know). I don't know what it is, but I feel a slight shifting in my soul with the onset of fall. It's a little bit of calming down as crazy summer starts to wave goodbye, mixed with excitement for the relaunch of football, beautiful colors, crisp cool runs, and of course the impending holidays.

Then there's the whole planning to switch from a Miss to a Mrs. That's pretty cool to look forward to I guess...

(263 Days. The Knot counts down for me I swear I don't have it memorized)

Anyways, this is just my obligatory "welcome to fall" post. We've got a busy three weeks coming up -we are traveling/on the road 8 of the next 18 days. It will be amazing to see my future bro & sis in law say
I do 
out in Cali, as well as to make a quick trip out to CO to do some wedding stuff of our own.

In short, hang tight. Fall is coming in hot (or hopefully cool, if mother nature figures it out) and it's looking to take our breath away.

Cheers - 

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Dad

I don’t often write too many personal things on here; a lot of random thoughts and stories, sure, but 
nothing uber personal.

We are about to get personal, ready?

My dad is not someone who I have mentioned on here often; hardly at all actually.  But growing up he was a huge influence in my life, in a lot of positive ways. He supported and encouraged me, and is a large part of the reason I chose to pursue becoming a college athlete, and have continued to push myself in life afterwards.

I spy Jane hiding in the background
A bit over a year ago now my dad was diagnosed with younger onset Alzheimer’s. In short, it’s a more aggressive form of Alzheimer’s that people are diagnosed with before the age of 65. My dad just turned 59 about a week ago, and when diagnosed it was estimated that he may have had the disease for up to eight years at that point.

Equally difficult to watching my dad lose his memory and becoming increasingly confused has been trying to be there for my mom, as her role shifted from wife to full-time caretaker when she is home. On top of working a full-time job.

my amazing mom
The disease is staggering and life shattering, and it’s been especially hard trying to figure out how to be a support piece to my family halfway across the country. My mom’s family and dad’s sister have been amazing thus far through the battle, and I’m forever grateful for them. I’m also extremely grateful for Without Warning, a support group through Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago. 

The center is one of 27 Alzheimer’s disease research centers across the country designated and funded by the National Institute on Aging. My mom attends the group on a monthly basis and it has helped her immensely through the struggle, reminding her that she is not alone in this, while receiving support and suggestions from other families going through similar experiences.

Since Younger Onset Alzheimer's is such an unknown disease, there are few resources out there around education and awareness. Recently, Without Warning launched plans to produce a special documentary and companion website with the goal of reaching a national audience and making it not so unknown.

So, just like the ALS movement, I’m asking that you give to this cause if you feel prompted to. They need to raise $80,000 to produce the documentary, which in the grand scheme of things shouldn't be hard to make happen, right? I’m not good at asking for money, or putting super personal things out here like this. But I owe it to my parents, my family, and everyone suffering. There is nothing fun related to this donation cause – I mean I guess if you want to dump ice water on your head, that’s cool, I dig that.  I don’t really care what you do; to be honest if you made it this far into the post I’m pretty happy that you’re at least aware. Now if you donate, that’s an extra cherry on top knowing that you’re helping out my family in an awesome way. 

Thanks for reading, and hearing me out.  I tried to keep the emotional throw-up to a minimum, but it’s by far the hardest thing my family has faced, and I could go on about it forever… but we’ll leave it at this.

Thanks Guys - 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thinking Outloud Thursday

I'm wondering if I've ever used this blog title before, but I'm too lazy too scroll back and find out.

Oh well.

I swam at the outdoor pool this week at Patterson Park. I’ve never dared to go there after work because it’s typically over run by neighborhood kids… so my coworker convinced me to go early with her when it opened; 6 AM. Per usual of 6 AM, I dragged myself there in a very crabby manner, but left feeling glad I got in a solid 30 minutes of cardio. Outside of the dead cockroach floating in my lane, I think I like swimming laps outside better than inside.

Also, morning swims = shower, right?
Driving to work with windows down = blow dryer, right?

I'm curious as to who made the call that new music is consistently released on Tuesdays? Whoever it was, I like them. Tuesdays are literally worthless outside of new albums/singles being released. 

THIS GUY, is killin' it.

I’m back to eating pumpkin in the mornings –I made a weird pumpkin chia pudding and kind of loved it. Don’t know what chia pudding is? Check this out.

I’m also back to chewing on my cuticles like a savage. I swore I would stop once I had a pretty ring on my finger AKA a legit reason to keep my hands looking nice. Yeah… that lasted about a month. Does ANYONE have ways that they’ve stopped chewing on their nails/cuticles without paying for gel manis on a bi-weekly basis… because I can’t afford that.

Crossfit was last night. My weird shy self is slowly making friends. I wrote about it over here

Anyways, there’s some thinking out loud for your Thursday. Make it great.

Cheers –


Friday, August 8, 2014


Disclaimer: this is me rehashing a rant I had in my head this morning. While everyone may not necessarily fall into this mindset or agree with me, I’m going to stick to the whole ‘my blog my rules’ thing.

I’m a huge sucker for the ‘embrace life, find joy’ type of catch phrases. I’m a big believer in living this mindset out… but as they are pretty vague blanket statements, sometimes I feel myself getting stuck on them.  Embrace life? Ok, I mean I can try. But how do I do that, day in and day out,

Recently I have been finding myself in situations where that voice in my head is saying ‘Kait, you live in an awesome, beautiful, fun city. You are 26, engaged, you should absolutely be loving life, no matter what life is bringing.’ And I mean that. But sometimes like I mentioned above, I’m not quite sure how to embrace it. I find myself getting stuck in the comfort of routine and 9 pm bedtimes…. And that’s ok, sometimes.

But nights like last night, when we found ourselves down by the water in Annapolis watching his talented cousins’ recital, I had an ‘Ok why not stay for a drink and embrace this Thursday with family?’ kind of moment.

And mornings like this morning, when that Thursday night drink in Annapolis gave me an extra late bedtime.... I would have loved to have slept in; loved to. But I was committed to trying November Project and making my morning count. Embracing the day and starting it off sweaty; one of my favorite things ever.

sweaty 6:30 AM high fives
More on November Project coming soon I'm sure.

What is my point? Hmmm, what is my point…

My point is,  I don’t think twenty-something is the time for me to ‘settle down’ and settle in (for some people it is, and that's just dandy) I mean, responsibilities-wise, do what you want, that’s your motif and I will always respect it. But while running up hills from hell this morning with 20+ other strangers, while blaring ‘Turn Down for What’ in the middle of my favorite Baltimore Park… I realized what an exciting time this is. 

Stressful? Sure. Hard? You bet. But this is literally the ONLY time in my life I will most likely be at my fitness prime, childless, engaged, living in an awesome city, with a great job... Pretty much able to do WHATEVER I want in my free-time.

And sometimes, that will mean ice cream, movie and a 9 pm bedtime. But I think when we are talking about the whole ‘embracing life thing’…. I think I would prefer that you more often find me enveloped in some intense debate with my fiancĂ©, down by the water enjoying a glass of wine. Or maybe yoga on a rooftop on a Saturday morning instead of still in bed. Or maybe an O’s game, feeling the love and the buzz of this little city on the harbor, that now has a place in my heart.

I don’t know. Sleep is important, rest is important. But in this moment, at a very happy 26 years of age, I gota say...

I’m just not too worried about it.

Sorry for the bluntness... but really I’m not. I’m off for a quick 3 miles and then to the Oriole’s game. It’s a perfect evening and summer is fading quicker than we think

Cheers my friends –


Monday, August 4, 2014

Wishing Time Away

The other night was one of those nights when I really needed a pep talk.

One of my BFFs Kar came to visit for a few days, and after a fun-filled weekend full of giggles and way too much pizza and country music, I found Andrew and I sitting down by the water, watching the sunset, eating peanut M&M’s, and having one of those deep life type of conversations.

It’s hard for me to grasp that it’s August. This summer has flown. Maybe it was getting engaged, maybe it’s been because almost every single weekend has been packed to the brim. August and September aren’t looking to be much different. I'm not complaining.

I came across this awesome picture on Pinterest the other day. And then I read the caption and realized it was Bear Lake up in Estes Park, where Andrew and I had snowshoed this past January.

I flipped back and forth between the two pictures for a while, and I became fixated on two thoughts.

1.  I’ve got to stop wishing time away. While I’m sad that the end of summer is almost in sight, I already keep finding myself babbling about fall and pumpkin and those stereotypical fall activities that all women seem to love  Time is flying. Flyyyyying. That hike in Estes Park seems like yesterday, but it was seven months ago. We already over halfway through 2014. What.

2.  I've got to do better at embracing change; all forms of it. Yeah... I don’t very well with it. I always have to sit and convince myself that it’s a good thing, and normally when something new presents itself, I have to drag myself to it/through it with dread. This summer has been a change kind of summer. For one, I’m preparing to change my last name… and that’s just scratching the surface. Yet when I look at both of those pictures – two completely different seasons, more changes in the scenery than we could list off - it’s beautiful right?  They are both beautiful. Change is good, it challenges us, and it almost always happens for a reason.

Time is flying, change is good.  I’m counting down to a wedding, but damnit I’ve GOT to embrace today, even if it’s just a normal Tuesday.   

That’s all I’ve got folks. Wait actually no, one more thing. I’m writing another blog. It’s not a life blog, it’s strictly a fitness blog, because what do ya know, I’m trying something new. And my friend over at Blue Crab Crossfit asked me if I was interested. So I said yes... I like to try to practice what I preach.

Cheers –

Friday, July 4, 2014


This is going to go nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Are you ready?

I realized recently that there’s just something about sitting on a rooftop deck on a summer night.  Any deck for that matter, but of course my rooftop deck is my favorite. Watching the sun slowly sink behind the city of Baltimore, and being aware of that moment when the automatic timer clicks on and the lights lining the deck railing fade onto a glow.

There’s also something about summer in a city. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel like I’m a part of something big, something way bigger than myself. It's electric. It’s like a community in which we are all automatically friends, because we love Baltimore damnit.

Does that even make sense? It’s unrelated to what I’m about to say, but I wanted to say it, because it brings me joy.

Disclaimer: I wrote this yesterday, 7/3.

I haven’t written since early June, and I can’t say I missed it too much.  That’s blunt but it’s the truth. I’m kind of tired of taking pictures of my food and drinks and some things that deep down I just don’t really care about anymore.

Maybe it’s partially because I’m not racing anymore, and race recaps have always been my favorite to write about. Maybe I just want to buy a new pair of running shoes and try them out without feeling like I have to report back on them. Maybe it’s because I’m wedding planning and that’s exciting and a lot of my time now goes into the logistics of planning one of the biggest parties of our lives. I could blame it on family stuff, extra volleyball practices, wanting to enjoy summer; I mean the list goes on and on.

But the truth is really this,

I LOVE writing – it was one of my first joys growing up, and will continue to always be one.  I love opening up a blank email template, word document, or notepad on my phone and seeing where my fingers take me. I have days where they itch to blurt out the weird thoughts and questions swirling around in my head, and the emotions seeping out of my heart. I love the independence that comes with writing. And the minute that it started to weigh; the second that blogging became more of a task to check off my to-do list versus an enjoyment, well I knew it was time to reevaluate.

If you’re a blogger and you’re reading this, this isn’t me tearing down the blogosphere. At a point in time it was for me, and it was fun and I enjoyed writing multiple times a week and feeling like I was part of an online community.  But that feeling has kind of faded away… and that’s ok right?


This isn’t a big ‘I’m shutting down my blog forever peace out homies’ type of this. It’s simply me stating that my priorities have changed, and while I love you guys, I don’t want to lose the joy and independence that comes with writing. Therefore, I will write when I want to write, about whatever I want to write. Maybe sometimes I will post them, maybe I won’t. I like to look at it more like a ‘clean slate’ type of a deal than hitting the delete key.

Thanks to the friends I’ve made along the way, and the readers who have diligently read my rants and ramblings. I hope we can continue our relationships, but I cannot promise consistency in what I’m putting out. This is just me being Kait, trying to be transparent and honest about this crazy nutso beautiful life that we are running around in, while I sit in Midway airport enjoying a glass of wine and a four hour flight delay.

Cheers to change, freedom, and this wonderful country we all live in.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A slacker's confessions

I confess that I don't care the "official" first day of summer is June 21st - summer is here to stay in Baltimore and it makes me explode with joy.  It was a beautiful weekend here, and looking to be the same this coming weekend. 

Speaking of this past weekend, I confess that I watched an entire concert by myself in Baltimore (got separated from my pals) and had zero issues with it. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

Is that weird?

I LOVE when people ask me for workout/running advice. The other day my roomie came down to my bedroom AKA my home gym AKA my pile of dumbbells and kettlebells, and upon her request I showed her a few simple lifts that I would normally do at the gym. that I felt were a good place for here to start. It made me happy.

About an hour later I got this request:
disregard the second half of the convo

And so decided that this should be the June ab workout:

Every other day. Summer stomachs here we come.

On top of all that, Andrew recently asked me for help in putting together a training plan for him - he may just be running a fall marathon!

His first marathon ever. Yes. Love when people make that plunge. 

Lastly, I confess I've been very unmotivated to write. Initial wedding planning and volleyball practices on top of work had taken a good chunk of my time away. Plus I'm in desperate need of a haircut, dentist apt, oil change, getting my bike tuned up - you know how it goes, they all pile up at once I swear. 

That being said, June may be a slow blogging month for me. My blog, my rules, not sorry. 

See ya when I see ya, cheers!


Thursday, May 29, 2014


Having to say goodbye to sunny perfect Puerto Rico was a hard goodbye. All of the cars license plates there have "Isla del encanto" on them - the island of enchantment. That it is. 

From the rain forest to the beaches to the food to the people, it was an excellent trip. We knew by our second day there we would be back. Yet in order to not ramble, I shall keep the summary list format for you all. 

Things I leaned in Puerto Rico:

1. Gas is in liters (they use the metric system). For the first two days Andrew and I could not for the life of us figure our why gas was only .95 cents a gallon. We were mindblown, and considering moving there solely because of the cheap gas... and then let down when we realized our oversight while filling back up the rental car. 

 2. The ocean is perfectly warm. It was lovely. However, the waterfalls are breathtakingly cold.                                                                            Waterfall < ocean.

andrew jumped in a swam under the waterfall. i wasn't quite as brave.
3. Plantains are a staple food item. They have a whole bunch of different ways the prepare them; I tried the sweet plantain with beef and cheese...

I want to try every way. 

 4. Puerto Rican men all shape their eyebrows. All of them. It was fascinating to me.

 5. My Spanish isn't quite as lost as I thought it was. I gained a crazy appreciation for the number of bilingual people on the island, and it encouraged me to keep practicing! 


6. The word for selfie in Spanish is selfie. I heard it first hand, on this beach...

7. Speaking of selfies and beaches... beach drinks taste better out of coconuts. It's science. 

8. Sometimes workouts need to be rainforest and cave hikes in fresh ocean air instead of minutes clocked in a gym. 

And other times, workouts just need to not at all, so that moments like these aren't missed.

It makes me happy that the list of places which I visit and steal parts of my heart is continuing to grow. 

Until next time PR, mi amor - 


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday is the new Monday

Hey pals! Welcome back to the work week. And welcome myself back to the continental US.
Isn't it fabulous when Tuesdays are Mondays? It makes the week much less intimidating in my opinion...

sneak peak
I can't wait to ramble on about Puerto Rico and encourage you to all you visit yourselves ASAP, but that post will get lengthy and I've gotta link up for the last Tuesday in May!

Ya. June is next week. What.

The final challenge with Rebecca and Chelsea  is to share your favorite workout from another blog. NOW, one of my go-to blogs for workouts is Brooke over at Babbling Brookelyn - she has some fab workouts in her fitness section. Same with Jessi over at Not The Average Bear. If you need some sweaty freaking circuits, they are your girls.

However, my all-time favorite workout to pull out of my back pocket on a rainy day is this guy:

 It's a great one to pull up on your computer screen, pump up some jams, and get to work.

Or I'll go for a shorter run/bike ride first, and follow up with the above circuit. Possibilities are endless.

I'm outtie. Hope you enjoyed the May linkup, hopefully it gave you some new ideas for getting sweaty?

Cheers to a four day work week -


Friday, May 23, 2014

Joe the Bear

I debated for awhile if I wanted to put this past weekend in writing or not. The chicken story is funny, but our engagement itself was more along the lines of precious and intimate and has nothing to really do with health or fitness. 

So if engagements bore you or you're bitter that your own man won't pull a ring out of his butt or whatever the case may be, stop reading, I won't be offended, I promise. I'll be back to babbling about almond butter and burpees come next week. 

I think it's fair to start with the fact that Andrew and I met when we were 18; first day of freshman year actually. The following (almost) 8 years since then (we didn't date that whole time) has been a beautiful crazy journey that I wouldn't trade for the world. From Illinois to Colorado to now Maryland, it has been mind blowing to see how we've changed and grown as both individuals and as a couple. He is my partner in crime, adventure buddy, best friend. Everything I could ask when looking for a husband, and I'm so pumped to marry him. 

Anyways, enough of the mushy stuff. 

It was supposed to be a camping trip. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit suspicious - but I was more suspicious of THIS upcoming weekend (we are leaving for Puerto Rico today). We left to camp straight from work on Thursday. It was pouring rain. 

It was a trip I had given him full reign to plan; something type A Kait doesn't do too often. So as we continued to get deeper and deeper into Virginia, and the clouds continued to pour buckets onto his car, I was getting increasingly nervous. 

"Andrew I really don't think we are prepared to pitch a tent in pouring rain. Do we even have a tarp?"

"Andrew if I'm wet and cold all night I'm gonna be so miserable. Do we even have like a flashlight for the tent?!"

The enraging part was, he found my anxiety funny. Told me not to worry, we would be fine, he "had an extra sweatshirt I could use."

About an hour away from our destination, I went into full fledged pout mode, slouched down into my seat and went silent. 

"Hey reach behind the seat and pull out that envelope back there, I've been meaning to ask you to fill out that form."
What I actually pulled out was this:

It was an absolutely adorable weekend. From the Iris Inn where our  cottage was located (if you are ever in the Shenandoah Valley, stay here, it's perfect) to a misty proposition to be his wife down by a waterfall at the end of a hike, it was all picturesque. And just so us. 

the bed

the breakfast

the waterfall where IT happened

I believe Andrew would be upset if I failed to mention the friend we made on the hike down to the waterfall...  

We decided his name was Joe. We actually ran back into Joe on the hike back up as well. He was less friendly the second time around, and I really wasn't looking for a 30 minute long engagement, so we ditched the trail and hiked the rest of the way back on the road. 

Dinner on Saturday night was in Charlottesville, which has now officially made the list our favorite cities. In the midst of my post-engagement butterflies plus some champagne, I erratically ordered catfish as my first meal as a fiancĂ©. 

the catfish

Andrew will never let me live that down. Regardless it was delicious. 

Saturday was some more hiking, followed by a Dierks Bentley concert to cap off a weekend chalked full of my favorite things. He was awesome live, and even spun off into some Avicci and One Republic songs.

That's it guys. I'm engaged! We haven't done much as far as planning goes. I'm sure I'll give y'all the occasional updates on here, but I can promise you this won't turn into a wedding planning blog. Like fashion, I'm just not too trendy, and casual will be the name of the game for our happily ever after day. 

I'm off to San Juan to lay on a beach. This beach to be exact. 

Cheers to sparkly rings and sparkly oceans -


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The nightmare chicken

For the record, I confess that I wrote most of this post on Friday, February 28th, 2014. I knew this was a story I would eventually want to tell to the world, and now seems like the perfect time to me.

Any girls out there ever heard of the engagement chicken recipe? Yeah me nether, until my friend Danielle sent me the link and demanded that I try it. It's an actual thing; even has it's own Wikipedia page.

"Ok, it's worth a shot," I thought. At that point, I was starting to get a little bit antsy as hell, and the questions from pretty much everyone of "When's he gonna to do it?" was starting to drive me bonkers. 

Here's how the nightmare engagement chicken went down. 

I popped that sucker in the oven around 5:30 pm - it called for about an hour and 15 mins, and I figured Andrew would come over right around 7, perfect timing.


Occurrence #1: Andrew calls at 6 pm, "Hey I'm just going to come over straight from the gym."

"What. No. You were supposed to go home first and shower and stuff, dinner is at 7."

"It's ok I'll just hang out, I'll stay out of your hair."

I knew he wouldn't. I knew he would arrive starving, coming from his workout. I knew the chicken wouldn't be ready, and I would be stressed.

Whatever, I would make it work. 

Occurrence #2: I frantically begin setting the table, putting the salad out so that he would have something to eat upon arrival. In my flurry of anxiety I grab a wine glass out of the dishwasher and accidentally shattered it against the counter, instantly slicing

my left ring finger. 

Blood quickly gets on the floor, counter, in the sink. Looking back (it literally continued to ooze all day at work) I should have gotten stitches. 

So my left ring finger is gushing blood as I continue to prepare for the dinner that is supposed to eventually get me engaged. 

The irony. 

Occurrence #3: As expected, Andrew arrives, hungry and therefore a little crabby, completely unaware of how seriously I'm taking this dinner

"Why are you cooking an entire Thanksgiving turkey?"

"It's a chicken Andrew."

"Why did you shove lemons up it's butt?"

"That's how I'm supposed to season it. Go sit over on the couch."

Occurrence #4: Low and behold, the timer goes off and realize I don't have a meat thermometer.  

"I mean, it looks done. I followed directions to a t, we should be good."

Occurrence #5: I put the impressive looking bird (and potatoes) on the table and cut into. Similar to my finger, blood oozes out. 

The chicken quickly went from impressive to disgusting. Perfecccttt

"Babe I don't think it's done."

"No sh*t!" I want to scream.

I defeatedly put the chicken back into the oven, and proceeded to pout.

Andrew, being the extreme optimist that he is bless his heart, "Hey it's ok we can just eat the potatoes and drink some wine while we wait."

They were red potatoes, carefully seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. I was kind of proud of them. 

Occurrence #6: Andrew, still oblivious, "I know what these potatoes are missing! Hot sauce!"

{Proceeds to douse my carefully seasoned potatoes in hot sauce.}

At this point, I'm on the verge of tears. It's silly I know, and I can laugh about it now, but for about 15 - 20 mins I was teetering on the edge. 

"I failed." I kept repeating, slouching in my chair.

Andrew, having no idea why I cared so much about this random Thursday night dinner, and probably more pumped about the red wine than anything else at that point, continued to be a gem.

"No babe, it's totally fine. It's the thought that counts!"

In the end, even after the chicken had baked for close to two hours, it still wasn't done. We ended up picking out the breast meat that we could tell was cooked, and filling the rest of our stomachs with wine.

After a glass I didn't care anymore. I stared at my left ring finger's blood soaked band-aid and smiled, applauding God's humor. 

Patience is a virtue, trust in His timing, good things come to those who wait. Whatever your motto may be, I personally recommend putting your faith in that over a chicken recipe. As of this past weekend, I've now got a pretty little scar above a pretty little ring as a daily reminder. 

Cheers, we're engaged!

- Kait 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Confession Part IV ?

I think this is Part IV of my Confession Posts? I’ve lost count.  I realized I love Wednesdays because I can literally unload everything I've been wanting to tell you guys and just throw a bunch of random crap out there.

First confession is a weird one; I can’t stand the noise of people lathering their hands with soap. It makes me want to shave off my own eyebrows. I don’t know what it is, it just hits something deep.

Moving on.

I realize I’m way behind the curve on this one, but I confess I’m really digging that Iggy Azalea ‘Fancy’ song. My 15 year old volleyball team was singing it this weekend at their tourney and I was like Whaaaaaaaaat is that song and then they taught me their ways.

I’m getting old?

It’s getting warm out here. It almost hit 90 yesterday and I was the opposite of sad. Pumped if you will. I confess I may have been way too eager to crank up that max AC in my car.

I confess, my friends and I are weird and enjoy putting this dancing emoticon lady into the most awkward settings that we can think of and then sending it to each other via group text...


Another confession – I like hot yoga less and less when the temps start going up. I have a 6 pm class planned tonight, and it will honestly be a miracle if I drag my sorry ass there...

I love my Blackhawks. LOVE them. But with half these playoff games starting right around when I'm getting into bed.... celebrations usually happen right around 5:30 AM upon reading my ESPN alerts, by myself in my room, while my eyes are still adjusting to the light.  HAWKS.

Last but most certainly not least, I confess I am a little nervous to go camping this weekend. It will be the first time Andrew and I go together, on our own, putting our new gear to use. I actually purchased a portable phone battery charger thingy recently (Groupon) which may in fact be the most important thing I pack all weekend….

Does Virginia have bears? How do I make paleo s’mores?

I will leave you with this because this cat is the champion:

Cheers to Wednesday which is my Thursday. The camping trip starts tomorrow after work, wish us luck!