Monday, August 4, 2014

Wishing Time Away

The other night was one of those nights when I really needed a pep talk.

One of my BFFs Kar came to visit for a few days, and after a fun-filled weekend full of giggles and way too much pizza and country music, I found Andrew and I sitting down by the water, watching the sunset, eating peanut M&M’s, and having one of those deep life type of conversations.

It’s hard for me to grasp that it’s August. This summer has flown. Maybe it was getting engaged, maybe it’s been because almost every single weekend has been packed to the brim. August and September aren’t looking to be much different. I'm not complaining.

I came across this awesome picture on Pinterest the other day. And then I read the caption and realized it was Bear Lake up in Estes Park, where Andrew and I had snowshoed this past January.

I flipped back and forth between the two pictures for a while, and I became fixated on two thoughts.

1.  I’ve got to stop wishing time away. While I’m sad that the end of summer is almost in sight, I already keep finding myself babbling about fall and pumpkin and those stereotypical fall activities that all women seem to love  Time is flying. Flyyyyying. That hike in Estes Park seems like yesterday, but it was seven months ago. We already over halfway through 2014. What.

2.  I've got to do better at embracing change; all forms of it. Yeah... I don’t very well with it. I always have to sit and convince myself that it’s a good thing, and normally when something new presents itself, I have to drag myself to it/through it with dread. This summer has been a change kind of summer. For one, I’m preparing to change my last name… and that’s just scratching the surface. Yet when I look at both of those pictures – two completely different seasons, more changes in the scenery than we could list off - it’s beautiful right?  They are both beautiful. Change is good, it challenges us, and it almost always happens for a reason.

Time is flying, change is good.  I’m counting down to a wedding, but damnit I’ve GOT to embrace today, even if it’s just a normal Tuesday.   

That’s all I’ve got folks. Wait actually no, one more thing. I’m writing another blog. It’s not a life blog, it’s strictly a fitness blog, because what do ya know, I’m trying something new. And my friend over at Blue Crab Crossfit asked me if I was interested. So I said yes... I like to try to practice what I preach.

Cheers –


  1. Sounds awesome! I've definitely found myself in a similar rut since vball ended... Half ass lifting routines where I'm too lazy/afraid to actually push myself. This sounds like the right gig! Btw- pull-ups suck

  2. yes time is flying. HOW IS IT AUGUST ALREADY?? that said, i do enjoy every day and in a lot of ways, i wish time would just slow down! when you have a kid, you blink and they're already 5 or 6 or 10. it's crazy how fast time flies when you have kids in tow.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Change is good and don't worry I'm freaking out that it's August. And I read your other blog yay! I've kind of fallen off the Crossfit wagon because marathon training take over my life but plan to hit it hard in the fall/winter post-race and still try to get in 1-2 week if I can (spoiler that hasn't happened).

    1. Yes I'm doing Chicago and I'm trying to make it to NP on Friday but it's an earlier morning for me to drive over there now!

  4. i have missed your blog, but i am extra excited about the fitness blog!!!

  5. I always find myself so excited about the "next thing" that I miss out on the present - such good reminders here!!

  6. seriously, time is flying so fast. i like to look forward to things, normally trips, and that doesnt help with me wishing time away because i'm like well in fall i'm going here, and in winter i'm going here and next summer i'm going there.. and all of a sudden this summer has disappeared. i am not a huge fan of the fall things most people seem to love, and i despise winter. lol. welcome back / yay for your fitness blog!

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