Friday, August 8, 2014


Disclaimer: this is me rehashing a rant I had in my head this morning. While everyone may not necessarily fall into this mindset or agree with me, I’m going to stick to the whole ‘my blog my rules’ thing.

I’m a huge sucker for the ‘embrace life, find joy’ type of catch phrases. I’m a big believer in living this mindset out… but as they are pretty vague blanket statements, sometimes I feel myself getting stuck on them.  Embrace life? Ok, I mean I can try. But how do I do that, day in and day out,

Recently I have been finding myself in situations where that voice in my head is saying ‘Kait, you live in an awesome, beautiful, fun city. You are 26, engaged, you should absolutely be loving life, no matter what life is bringing.’ And I mean that. But sometimes like I mentioned above, I’m not quite sure how to embrace it. I find myself getting stuck in the comfort of routine and 9 pm bedtimes…. And that’s ok, sometimes.

But nights like last night, when we found ourselves down by the water in Annapolis watching his talented cousins’ recital, I had an ‘Ok why not stay for a drink and embrace this Thursday with family?’ kind of moment.

And mornings like this morning, when that Thursday night drink in Annapolis gave me an extra late bedtime.... I would have loved to have slept in; loved to. But I was committed to trying November Project and making my morning count. Embracing the day and starting it off sweaty; one of my favorite things ever.

sweaty 6:30 AM high fives
More on November Project coming soon I'm sure.

What is my point? Hmmm, what is my point…

My point is,  I don’t think twenty-something is the time for me to ‘settle down’ and settle in (for some people it is, and that's just dandy) I mean, responsibilities-wise, do what you want, that’s your motif and I will always respect it. But while running up hills from hell this morning with 20+ other strangers, while blaring ‘Turn Down for What’ in the middle of my favorite Baltimore Park… I realized what an exciting time this is. 

Stressful? Sure. Hard? You bet. But this is literally the ONLY time in my life I will most likely be at my fitness prime, childless, engaged, living in an awesome city, with a great job... Pretty much able to do WHATEVER I want in my free-time.

And sometimes, that will mean ice cream, movie and a 9 pm bedtime. But I think when we are talking about the whole ‘embracing life thing’…. I think I would prefer that you more often find me enveloped in some intense debate with my fiancé, down by the water enjoying a glass of wine. Or maybe yoga on a rooftop on a Saturday morning instead of still in bed. Or maybe an O’s game, feeling the love and the buzz of this little city on the harbor, that now has a place in my heart.

I don’t know. Sleep is important, rest is important. But in this moment, at a very happy 26 years of age, I gota say...

I’m just not too worried about it.

Sorry for the bluntness... but really I’m not. I’m off for a quick 3 miles and then to the Oriole’s game. It’s a perfect evening and summer is fading quicker than we think

Cheers my friends –



  1. Soooo this is the bad part about blogging- I thought I recognized you but I figured I had seen you before at a NP workout on a Wednesday- if I had known you were there I totally would have said hi!!!! Next time you go, we're seriously going to formally "meet."

    1. I know I second guessed myself and then was like I'm pretttty sure that's Picky Runner... wait omg what is her real name?! We actually passed each other yesterday on runs as well :)

  2. I admire you, and anyone else, who speaks her mind -- that's the point of having a blog! So you go, girl.

    I ascribe to this philosophy as well, but I will say, I am effing tired. ;)

  3. november project? interesting :) i get the same way sometimes, routines are great but i'm gonna have a lot more routine / staying home etc with kids, i need to live it up now, even if living it up is catching a movie on a school night. we be crazy.

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