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This little blog of mine started as a place for me to share life experiences when I made the move from Chi-town to Baltimore in early 2012.  At that point I had no idea what was in store in regards to a job, friends, anything - I just knew I wanted to be near my future-husband at the time.

2012 to 2015 was a whirlwind of races, new friends, new hobbies, awesome travels, and marriage. If you’re interested, all the posts are archived and you can pick through them. Many of my ramblings are around health and fitness, as this is a strong area of passion for me.  

In August 2016 we made the trek across the Atlantic to start a two year stint in Tel Aviv, Israel. A lot of what I write about at first will be the adjustment period - both ups as well as downs, as well as random thoughts (I’m not a fan of filters).

I strongly feel that social media too often portrays life as ‘perfect’ and can at times be more discouraging to others than encouraging.  My goal for this blog is to be incredibly transparent, as I know there will be hard times along with the good times, and life is never perfect.  But that’s what’s makes it beautiful.

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