Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thinking Outloud Thursday

I'm wondering if I've ever used this blog title before, but I'm too lazy too scroll back and find out.

Oh well.

I swam at the outdoor pool this week at Patterson Park. I’ve never dared to go there after work because it’s typically over run by neighborhood kids… so my coworker convinced me to go early with her when it opened; 6 AM. Per usual of 6 AM, I dragged myself there in a very crabby manner, but left feeling glad I got in a solid 30 minutes of cardio. Outside of the dead cockroach floating in my lane, I think I like swimming laps outside better than inside.

Also, morning swims = shower, right?
Driving to work with windows down = blow dryer, right?

I'm curious as to who made the call that new music is consistently released on Tuesdays? Whoever it was, I like them. Tuesdays are literally worthless outside of new albums/singles being released. 

THIS GUY, is killin' it.

I’m back to eating pumpkin in the mornings –I made a weird pumpkin chia pudding and kind of loved it. Don’t know what chia pudding is? Check this out.

I’m also back to chewing on my cuticles like a savage. I swore I would stop once I had a pretty ring on my finger AKA a legit reason to keep my hands looking nice. Yeah… that lasted about a month. Does ANYONE have ways that they’ve stopped chewing on their nails/cuticles without paying for gel manis on a bi-weekly basis… because I can’t afford that.

Crossfit was last night. My weird shy self is slowly making friends. I wrote about it over here

Anyways, there’s some thinking out loud for your Thursday. Make it great.

Cheers –



  1. I wish I could go swimming! My husband and I always debate whether or not to put in a pool at our house. We recently decided we're going to sell our current house and buy a new one. The new one is in a neighborhood w a pool. SCORE!

    Wish I had a helpful tip about the nails. Is there a certain time you bite them? For instance, when you're anxious? The only half useful advice is to find out what causes you to bite them and distract yourself in those situations. Yeah, I'm not much help.

  2. Couldn't agree more about Tuesdays -- definitely the worst day of the week. Not interesting like Monday, and waaaay too far away from the weekend. And yes... I've spent time thinking about this :P

  3. if you figure out how to stop chewing your cuticles help a brother out. Brad is the worst. I slap his hand out of his mouth at least 10 times a day. Also chia seed pudding is the bomb.

  4. driving with the windows down is totally a blow dryer. however, its not a pretty outcome for me and my hair lol.

  5. if you figure out how to stop chewing your cuticles help a brother out. Brad is the worst.


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