Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday is the new Monday

Hey pals! Welcome back to the work week. And welcome myself back to the continental US.
Isn't it fabulous when Tuesdays are Mondays? It makes the week much less intimidating in my opinion...

sneak peak
I can't wait to ramble on about Puerto Rico and encourage you to all you visit yourselves ASAP, but that post will get lengthy and I've gotta link up for the last Tuesday in May!

Ya. June is next week. What.

The final challenge with Rebecca and Chelsea  is to share your favorite workout from another blog. NOW, one of my go-to blogs for workouts is Brooke over at Babbling Brookelyn - she has some fab workouts in her fitness section. Same with Jessi over at Not The Average Bear. If you need some sweaty freaking circuits, they are your girls.

However, my all-time favorite workout to pull out of my back pocket on a rainy day is this guy:

 It's a great one to pull up on your computer screen, pump up some jams, and get to work.

Or I'll go for a shorter run/bike ride first, and follow up with the above circuit. Possibilities are endless.

I'm outtie. Hope you enjoyed the May linkup, hopefully it gave you some new ideas for getting sweaty?

Cheers to a four day work week -



  1. Thanks for the shout and I've never tried the feisty 50 before.... maybe after I recover from the Memorial Day Murph! Welcome home, you looked like you had a blast!

  2. oooh that looks like a fun / horrible workout! ha. will need to try it. cant wait to hear more about your vacay!

  3. Love this can't wait to do it!! So sad its almost over :( thanks for co-hosting love!

  4. yeah yeah!!!! yay for workouts and getting sweaty! i definitely need a workout after all the Memorial Day weekend grubbing I did :)

  5. Why can't EVERY work week start on Tuesday? Tomorrow is already the halfway mark! WEEEE! :D


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