Sunday, May 4, 2014

2nd on the 3rd

Well, well, well. Another weekend has flown by, and holy moly was it an active one.

(Note to self - never use the phrase holy moly again.)

But before we get into details, can I take a moment and brag about my favorite new creation?

Friday night a few of my coworkers and I had a 'craft night' and painted quotes that we like on boards. I picked the above quote based off of something that caught my eye on Pinterest... although the quote below was a close second.

Both pretty much sum one of my life mottos of 'Live Hard'.

Back to the weekend. Probably my favorite part of the past two days was the 5k that Andrew and I randomly signed up for a few weeks ago. I went into Saturday morning with pretty low expectations - I haven't been running much, certainly haven't been running for speed, and told Andrew that my hope was just to enjoy the race.

Yet when the gun went off I immediately slipped into my competitive mindset, and we were off. I was surprised how semi-easy it was to fall back into a sub-seven minute pace, and we stayed side by side as we ran through Harbor East to the edge of Fells Point, and circled back.

I was happy with the finish. I was surprised today when I found out I was 38th overall and 2nd in my age group? Not too shabby for zero training.

Needless to say, we immediately signed up for another 5k at the beginning of June. Yes.

This morning we tried out a new church, and then headed west to try out some new hiking. The trail was more challenging than some others we've done so far in the area - it was located in Cactoctin Mountain Park. I did a horrible job and only took one picture; better than nothing I suppose.

I write to guys you from the balcony of the beautiful Barnes and Nobles in downtown Baltimore. It's two stories, right on the inner harbor, and a must-visit if you are ever in town. To be honest, being up here on a Sunday evening kind of feels like the calm before the storm of a busy couple weeks. I committed to substitute assistant coaching for a club volleyball team in the area a couple nights per week through the month of May. On top of a busy work week and a long to-do list, it should be a real doozy.

I'm unsure I ever want to use that word again either. Doozy. No. Never again.

Reminder: link up starting this Tuesday for a sweaty May challenge, and find yourself some new workout moves to try out! Grab the button below.

May Challenge

That's all I've got. Sun's going down and it's getting cold. Until Tuesday my friends -




  1. Well you totally rocked the 5K! I was running for KIND Bars and not racing so I ran a 7:30 ish pace. The course was super flat and fast! Congrats! That Barnes and Nobles is really nice-I haven't been there in a while because it's in the center of the touristy part of the harbor!

  2. Have fun assistant coaching this month, I can imagine that would be pretty hectic but I'm sure you'll love it.

    Great job on the race - I don't think I'd run that fast even if I trained for weeks!

  3. i would say thats pretty freaking awesome for zero training. i say holy moly too much haha :)

  4. oh have fun coaching!!! i only have a few more weeks left of mine.

    1. ps. what is wrong with the term holy moly? i use it allllll the time.

  5. Love the new art work & congrats on the 5K! Go Kait!

  6. Yay, for craft night!! And I absolutely love that quote, by the way!

  7. i love craft night! my friends and i do that once in a while and we call it "hen night" so we craft, drink wine and then chat. it's awesome :)

    Vodka and Soda

  8. I said holy moly in my post today. I'm fairly certain it could slip up in another post sometime.

    Also, can I have your fast legs?! You'd have probably circled my 5 times at the pace I run vs the pace you run!

  9. I was out of the running game for 2 weeks while my husband was overseas. I went for a run this past weekend and was also pleasantly surprised at how easily it came back. I thought for sure I was going to struggle, but sub 7 - damn girl! I want to be like you when I grow up. I haven't been that fast since like high school. I can't seem to break 8 min.


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