Thursday, May 8, 2014


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    strong and barely controllable emotion.

 I've been sitting on this post for awhile now, waiting for the right time and a few more words. I think it's ready. It's one of those ranty type of posts that popped into my head in the middle of a good song, or run or something like that. These don't happen often kids, hold on tight.

I'm seeing people in my life doing awesome things. I'm seeing singers/vocalists/instrumentalists, DJ's and dancers of all forms coming out of the woodwork on my social media feeds. And my mind is being blown. Albums on iTunes are being released and I'm like OMGee I know that kid. 

I'm reading about classmates I grew up with who are now teachers and changing kids lives, one year at a time. I'm scrolling through other blogs that are popping up on my newsfeeds, in awe of the beautiful intelligence, raw ideas and opinions that we are all given and able to put into written words. My eyes well up when I see the adoption stories of animals that didn't have a home and now do, or to an even greater degree, children who didn't have a home and now do. 

I see the photography. Of course, everyone shares pictures these days - and whether they are professional or not - I'm seeing some freaking breathtaking things - photos and paintings and drawings alike.  I'm seeing friends and aquaintences dropping it all and hitting the road, thirsty to explore this huge world we have been given and the culture that abides in it. And damnit I admire that courage.


I'm following people who are in mad search of a law degree - or already have one. And are devoting their time and energy for the sake of justice, whatever that may mean to them. I'm seeing people I met through church, or went to camps with slowly turning into doctors, with a passion for healing and helping and trying to find answers. 

Through friends of friends I'm reading articles about cousins who went to this past Winter Olympics, or are in search of qualifying for the next Olympic Trials. Collegiate athletes I either knew or played with or worked with, continuing after their love for the game and going pro - both here in the US and overseas. Then there's the handful of us who have taken that athletic talent and applied it to our desire to teach it to others. Raise your hands out there coaches, we've got a lot of you. Others, creating new passions; running races, pounding out the miles, challenging themselves to beat their own time or PR of some sort, each and every time. 

The list goes on, and on. My own mom recently started gardening, and it's slowly taking over our whole backyard. Fueling your body off of something you grew in your own backyard? I love it.


We all have passion. Some kind of passion, for something beautiful. Whether it's our career or a hobby, something that will make us money or something that will lose us money. Something that will make us better, or something that will make others better... and in most cases it's both, while in the moment we may not realize it. 

It's passion, and that's all that matters. You have it, for something, you do. Try to sit there and tell me you care about absolutely nothing, I dare you. 

 I have mad respect for passion. I really don't care what it is, I just love to see people CARE. Give a damn. It's what lights you up, it's typically what you love talking about, and as a result of this crazy social media generation, we have the ability to share share these interests passions and goals with others, across the world. 


I just find that so amazing. And I love reading about each and every passion. 

So don't stop, march on, and do you. It may sound cheesy, but we're single-handedly shaping this world with our diverse passions. I really believe that. 

Cheers to passion - 

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  1. Love this, Kait! Seeing the passion burst out of someone is one of my favorite parts of the human experience. "What are you passionate about" is one of my first date questions and usually if they don't have an answer it doesn't usually turn into another date :)

  2. I have been thinking about passion a lot lately too. I finally found mine working at a running store- go figure. I love working with people which I never thought I'd say, I love running, and I actually kind of like selling things. But most of all, I love to inspire people to want to run. Until this year, I never knew what I wanted to do, nothing clicked for me, and then suddenly, it did. Pretty amazing. I feel like it hits people when they least expect it, and when they find it, it's there to stay. Love this post :)

  3. love this. i'm a bit teary, dont judge.
    honestly, i am not sure what i am passionate about. thats scary.

  4. GREAT post! I love passion too and believe everyone needs to take the time to find theirs, even if they may seem little or silly.

  5. yes, yes, yes! to all of this :) i love people that are passionate about live and the little things that are in it - and there are so many unique awesome things we can be passionate about!

  6. I love this post Kait! do what makes you happy!

  7. Love this post. Watching people do what they are passionate about is definitely inspiring!


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