Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Challenge - DA ABS

Tuesday. I hope you all had an excellent Cinco de Mayo, and didn’t load up on too many sugary drinks. My Cinco was personally uneventful, outside of a Trader Joes run, and about eight miles total after work.

I wore a scarf and my glasses to work yesterday and a few people told me I looked like a librarian. Is that a compliment? You guys tell me.

skeptical selfie. it's been awhile.

Anyways, it's linkup time, as I'm cohosting a May fitness challenge with Rebecca and Chelsea and today the challenge is to share your favorite ab workout. 

Now this is hard, because I love abs... and do all different kinds, 5-6 days a week. I’ve been doing 100 sit-ups every day for about … five years now? When it comes to favorite complete ab workouts as a whole, I feel like p90x full ab ripper x is always a killer. And, as mentioned last week, I’m following the Strong like Susan challenge throughout the month of May, which never fails to leave me sore.

Susan is Strong.
But, when it comes to my favorite singular ab move, it would have to be side bends with a dumbbell or kettlebell. See below.

Runner-up is planks, duh  J   #planksohard

Link up and tell us your favorite ab move – a sista can never have too many, especially with those bikinis screaming out names

Drink that water, and have a stellar Tuesday.

Cheers –


  1. i love this move: i hold up a 12lbs weight over my head with both hands and then as i'm bending to one side, lift up my knee and try to touch my elbow to my knee. hurts so good.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I don't have a favorite ab move but this post makes me think that it's probably high time I get one -- summer is right around the corner!!!! my least favorite is painful but pretty effective. basically doing sit ups on the incline bench while someone throws a weighted ball at you, which you catch on your way down and throw back on your way up. total hell!

  3. Looking like a librarian is a good thing!!

    So I can do those side bends while getting ready in the morning - here's to 100 each side every morning (minimum)! I'm all about efficiency if you didn't know!

  4. Kait loving the work out! And looking like a librarian isn't a bad thing!

  5. You make a pretty good lookin librarian, friend. Have you seen the starfish crunch from the tone it up chicks? Holy abs, that move kills me dead after just two tries. I love the weighted side bend and should totally incorporate that into my daily routine!

  6. abs 5-6x a week?! omg you are amazing. that's my least favorite part of the body to work out. i'm a shoulders/arms girl. gotta love my baby biceps. ;)

  7. oooooh love this. i like the side bends, planks and these things i do with a ball that i have no idea what to call them. so there's that.
    also, if thats what a librarian looks like, sign me up. haha.

  8. 100 situps a day. Dayum I need to get on your level because you have some awesome abs. I do like those dumbbell side bends though!

  9. I love planks and plank jacks.....oh those burn so good!


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