Friday, May 2, 2014

Aspirational May

Happy Friday!  Happy May! Happy one month closer to summer!

(cue Pharrell’s Happy song that I’m already sick of)

While sitting at my desk yesterday morning, I realized I have kind of a weird morning routine upon arrival to work. I know you’re exploding with curiosity to know what that is, so I’ll share.

1. Get to work right around 7 AM. Power up computer, throw whatever my breakfast is in the microwave, start coffee maker (it’s my job for our floor, and it’s an important one). Tape my toe if I forgot to prior to leaving home.

this guy lives in my purse.
2. Fill up coffee mug and water cup. Slowly eat breakfast while checking emails and sitting on a ball (see below), positioned right under my feisty right hamstring. It’s been bothering me in the mornings.

second best friend.
3. 8 AM: Switch to sitting on my big red yoga ball. Startup Spotify if the work I’m doing doesn’t involve deep intense concentration AKA can I sing along while I work, or do I need silence?

4. 8:30 AM: Fill empty mug halfway up again with coffee and have a few more sips until about 9:30. Switch back and forth between kneeling in front of laptop, bouncing on my ball, or sitting in my chair. Really depends on what’s on the agenda work-wise.

5.10 AM: snack time. Yes.

Does anyone else have an extremely odd ritualistic morning at work, or is this just me?

Any who. May things. I will share my May goals via a simple picture, since I taped the list to my planner as a constant reminder.

Try bullet proof coffee. Once I get myself some grass fed butter, I’ll be all over that.

Lots of water. I’ve been doing the mint/lemon/lime thing all week, it’s a beautiful thing.

Monday marked the start of another little 3 week detox thing for me (read here about the last time I did one). Or a sugar strike, if you will.

My sis is joining me too, which I love. We both tweaked our goals to what we think is reasonable for our lifestyle/impending schedules. She isn’t completely cutting the dairy, and I’m allowing some occasional fruit because honestly that’s just something I’m not going to sweat over.

What I will sweat over the Strong like Susan YouTube ab workouts through the month of May. I did it about two years ago and loved it, then completely forgot about it. Bring on the bikini.

Study = study for that personal trainer certification I said I was going to do like… six months ago. Sigh. It would just be a great thing to have, I have the resources, I just need to commit to studying a few evenings per week.

I’m a lazy slob when it comes to studying. Can somebody just inject the needed info. into my brain and we can call it a day?

That’s my May agenda. I feel really great about it as far as getting prepped for the summer. I also feel good about this weekend – some crafting, brunching, and possible hiking is on the agenda. Maybe some batting cages to prepare for our upcoming coed softball season.

Tell me any May goals or aspirations you have? Paleo recipes to get me through this cleanse? Something funny?

Cheers –



  1. OH yeah, I forgot about strong like susan, she's a beast! I mainly forgot because I wasn't strong enough to do the challenge so I lasted maybe a week. Let's see if I'm better now!

    And you get way more done before 8:30 than I even aspire to do. I'm impressed.

  2. I forgot how much I loved strong like susan annnnnd our mornings sound very similar. especially the rotating from knees, to ball to chair....

  3. my morning ritual is sacred. i get in, get my bfast ready, head downstairs to get my coffee, eat my bfast while surfing/blog reading/commenting and sip coffee throughout. i relish each and every quiet moment i have in the office while other lazy coworkers are still in bed. on the odd time that a bitch comes up to me to discuss work before 9am, they are told to GFTO of my face and come back at 9 because ain't nobody got time for work before 9am during my sacred morning routine. the end.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. mint, lemon, lime water?! Tell me more!! That sounds yummy! Happy weekending, friend :)

  5. I want to try out the Bulletproof coffee too, but I'm waiting until I can get the good stuff back in the US. Speaking of the US, I would totally try the sugar strike, but let's be honest, I'm headed straight to Cheesecake Factory for 4 slices of cheesecake as soon as I get off the plane. Oh and pecan pie. Because, c'mon, it's Texas.


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