Wednesday, April 30, 2014


What's up Wednesday, always good to see ya.

Don't worry, it's still raining here in Baltimore. But I got a slap on the wrist from Kathy yesterday basically reminding me to be glad it's not snowing. Or hailing. Touché. Sunny skies will be here soon enough I'm sure.

On to confessions.

I confess, that days that it rains I automatically feel entitled to a treat. "Oh sad it's grey outside, I really deserve a chocolate chip cookie."

Wouldn't ya know, I started 21 days of Kait's Klean eating yesterday (I dunno it sounded good?) so chocolate chips weren't on the menu today. "YUM this dried date, talk about some comfort food."

This will haunt my dreams tonight.

I confess, my sister taught me a new hilarious game where you endorse a friend on LinkedIn for outlandish skill sets. Garbage collection? Check. Latin jazz? Check. Geriatric dental? Sure will.

Luckily those only go to their profiles if they accept the endorsement, so from there the compliment is in their own hands to do what they wish.

I accepted a lawn mowing endorsement recently because that sh*t is the truth. I am the master of the lawn.

fairly accurate depiction of myself
I confess that I've had several moments lately where I dislike the blogosphere and the stupid crappy politics that goes into making other blog friends and promoting your blog and your brand yada yada yada. Sometimes I'm like eh whatever and other times I'm like this is stupid and I day dream about deleting the entire thing.

Yet if I didn't have Kait Makes a Run for it I would have nowhere to confess things like Monday was the first time I cleaned my shower, ever.

Or that I went to bed at 8 pm on Monday night. Or that I ate asparagus for breakfast on Tuesday morning and my pee smelled all day. Or that I'm editing this post as I ride my bike, using my underwear drawer as a desk.

Guys it's Wednesday, and tomorrow is May. Get those chins up and I'll be back for a morale check on Friday.

Cheers -



  1. don't let the blogosphere get to you. you have a fantastic blog (hello, why do you think i keep coming back?) and have all the awesome readers you need; forget the rest.

    i love my old lady bedtime (930pm). i start winding down at 8pm and by that, i mean i'm already in my jammies and lying in bed. ok by that i mean i change into my jammies as soon as i get home from work. at 4pm. SO WHAT?! lol

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Your Monday bedtime makes me jealous / want to be more like you. I set a goal of 9pm lights out but it's usually at least an hour beyond that before I even settle.

    Love LinkedIn endorsements - that sounds like a ton of fun!

  3. Every time I question my blog, I think about life without it and it keeps me going. I hate the politics of blogging too and I realized I was so much happier when I said screw it and just focused on what I wanted to write. I don't always comment on other blogs, but I read them whenever I feel like it. It's way more interesting when you break the blogging rules anyways :)

  4. Dude, your multitasking skills are amazing.

    Also, my pee doesn't smell when I eat asparagus. I feel like I am an outcast.

  5. hahahaha the last one! i love that. wish i had a bike. sometimes i think about deleting my blog because its boring, and not popular, then im like whatevs. its for me, so no shits given. also, why did you post that cookie? are you trying to make me fat! i blame you for the cookie i am going to eat today. lol.

  6. I have felt the same way about blogging sometimes. I took a break and everytime I think I am ready to go back I see something that makes me think twice! I definitely need to try that linked in game!

  7. Ah the politics. I couldn't agree more. There is such a fine line between friendships and jealousy. Ive been experiencing it lately and its become a real debbie downer. There's one girl and I feel like were always trying to one up each other it really sucks the big one. I'm not like that and I just want it to end...I don't know what to do. Talk about confessions right!


  8. don't delete this blog please. we can just complain about the stupid side of blogging with each other and only put so much effort into it :)

  9. Ugh I've lived in my apartment since August 2012...that shower has never been cleaned...gross...I should do it...but I won't until I move out.

  10. Why oh why did you add a chocolate chip cookie gif? My belly literally started growling - instantly. I've been craving chocolate chip cookies since I got off work, but am also trying to eat my cleanly. Sigh.

  11. I'm pretty impressed with your multitasking skills! I know what you mean about the blogosphere, there have been times where I've thought about quitting blogging but I've never made that jump. I love blogging, it just has some annoying perks on occasion ha ha!

  12. Bahaha! Now I want to go endorse my friends for some awesome skills like Netflix aficionado.

  13. Blogging is strange. Sometimes I'm like ehhh why work with brands, but then I get some yummy bars or something and think of all the great opportunities I've had from it. I'm cool being a little time blogger who still gets excited when people comment on posts!


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