Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm Baaaack - Confessions part III

I didn’t have to wear a coat to work this morning, so that’s encouraging. KEEP IT UP SPRING NICE WORK.

I’m feeling a little lax with my blogging this week. I’m not sure exactly what it is, possibly the busyness, possibly the anticipation of my sis and her man coming into town tomorrow. Love you guys, but I’m never gonna apologize for disappearing from the blogosphere for a couple days.

However, I’m not too busy not to link up for HumpDayConfessions, so let’s get after it shall we?

I keep a small bottle of hot sauce in my snack drawer at work. It is immensely handy when I bring eggs for breakfast. Or as a dressing on my salad. Or when I just need a snack.

Love me some hot sauce.

I confess that I wish Jillian Michael's was a little more screamy in her workout videos. I know she can be an absolute asshole terror from what I’ve seen on The Biggest Loser, and I wouldn’t mind an occasional insult or bash while I struggle through her side plank crunch things in her six week 6 pack video. (those will be the death of me)

Another confession – I like doing her workouts barefoot.

I snap chat too much. It may be a problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if my friends unfriend me soon on there.


HOWEVER, a good app that I’ve fallen in love with that is actually productive and helping me to do something with my life – Duolingo (thanks Les). Currently I’m working on sharpening back up my Spanish skills – I was one class away from minoring in it in college, and figured I may as well start getting ready for Puerot Rico, right??

It’s free, has several different language options, and is actually really fun. Try it!

I hate washing my sheets. I do it, don’t get me wrong, I understand it’s politically correct or whatever. But after every time I wash them I feel it takes a couple nights to break them in again. Does anyone else feel me on this one? I get the vibe that most people love the feeling of clean sheets – don’t worry Bri and Jase, I’m washing my sheets for you guys as we speak – but I’m just not on that train.

A (good) confession – I‘ve gotten back in the habit of adding mint and lemon (and sometimes lime) to my water. I normally let it sit overnight to get maximum flavor the next day.  It looks a little weird - someone asked me at work last week why I had lettuce in my water – but I love it.

I confess, this may be the last time you guys hear from me for a couple days again. Sister time is sister time – there’s no room for blogging interruptions.

Confess something to me. Then be jealous that I only have one more work day left (after today).  

Cheers –


  1. ooooo good idea about the mint and lemon. i have both of those at home! and enjoy time with your sis!! the blogosphere will always be here.

    thanks for linking up!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Yay! I'm thrilled that you came to play on Hump Day! The most important post of the week!

    I DID minor in Spanish and will be downloading that app (and maybe planning a trip as an excuse to really learn?)

  3. 1) never apologize for your amount of snap chats 2) I always have a bottle of hot sauce at my desk too 3) have fun doing sister-sister things!

  4. ahh i agree - i wish jillian wasn't so nice and encouraging, i need hardcore jillian ;)

  5. I love Duolingo! I started using it a couple months ago to try to learn German. I love the layout of it and the fact that it feels like a game.

  6. Omg yes! I feel like I get so much more out of my workouts when I have a screamy trainer in my ear or someone throwing insults my way. The insults just really pisses me off to the point where I have more energy and adrenaline haha. Have fun with the quality sister time! I totally agree that it can't be interrupted! :)

  7. I need to start adding mint & lemon to my water, I have heard nothing but good things about that! I hate washing my sheets too, so glad to know I am not the only one!

  8. Hey girl, I def. need to wash my sheets more fo' sure. I could seriously go for months. Ugh.. I know its def. not kool. I cant help it though. I know its an issue luckily, so i'm really trying to get a handle on it, lol! Have a lovely week my dear! xx


  9. Keeping hot sauce in your drawer is definitely genius.

    It takes sooo many quarters to do laundry so I def slack on the sheets too!

  10. Ooh I may need Duolingo. I just got some rosetta stone for French but a phone app would be nice!

  11. I feel you, girl, my sheets are better dirty ;)

  12. Hot sauce for the win, all the time. And really, can't there just be a spray that we could spritz onto our sheets and they would miraculously be clean? It would make life so much easier.


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