Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Train the Brain

I wrote this lame half-assed post on the flight back from Dallas on Sunday, and then realized it was boring as crap and deleted it. You’re welcome.

Bye Dallas!

Instead, let’s talk about how it’s April.

You know how my crazy little mind works at this point, so you’re probably waiting for me to rattle off a series of things I’m going to strive for in this new month. Well let’s get to it – there are 3 (three).

I’m estatic to be back in Baltimore. The weekend in Dallas was awesome, but most certainly not restful. I’m ready for my routine again this week.

the Friday night performance
One awesome takeaway from this weekend was a speaker we had – John Foley. He touched upon a lot of motivational/teamwork/leadership type of topics, but also mentioned the power of positivity, basically on training your brain to be positive. This may not be exactly how he phrased it, but he described that if you wake up every morning and think of something you are grateful about, that after 24 – 27 days you will automatically start waking up with a positive mindset.

Yes, I love that.

First April goal = work on that positive brain.

Second and third goal kind of go hand-in-hand...

Goal #2 = no running in April.

I actually haven’t run in over a week now. It is just time. Little nagging injuries (including a big toe that’s been bothering me since September) just ain't getting better. And while I CAN run with them, I just don’t think they are gonna go away until I drop down to zero for a while.
me as I write this.
Between a road trip to Indiana, a visit from my sister and her boy, Easter, and a weekend trip to Colorado to see Andrew's new nephew (YAYY), I predict the month will fly by, and I will survive. Plus I already have a tentative pool date booked for Friday. Never said pool running was out of the picture.

After a month or so I will reevaluate with caution. It's the reason I've yet to schedule a race this year - I'm tired of losing money due to getting hurt. I would love to say by mid-summer/fall I'll have something on the agenda, but that's all speculation. And I'm ok with that. In the meantime, it's strength training, swimming, spinning, the usual. My Crossfit living social deal ends this week which I'm bummed about, but a monthly membership just isn't in the budget right now.


Anyways, goal #3 is to stick to other sweaty options since running is ixnayed. Last night I started the Jillian Michael’s 6-week six pack – it’s a 35 min video on Youtube (part I) – thanks to a recommendation from Kat. I actually really enjoyed it (I don’t normally love the fitness video thing) and am going to commit to doing that, or any other fitness video I stumble upon over the next month or so, 2-3 times per week. Probably in the mornings, because nothing puts me in a thankful mood quicker than starting my day with a little sweat (See what I did there?).

Well this has been fun. Tell me your April goals? Share your fav fitness videos? And have an amazing freaking day.

Cheers –



  1. Good goals! I'm going to need to start doing that positive thing in the mornings too! I think I may have mentioned this to you in a previous comment, but check out those Tone It Up videos on YouTube. I love them! There are so many to choose from and I mix them into my half-marathon training during the week.

    Hope all those injuries get better really quick and that you are up and running (hah, get it, running! Yeah, dorky, I know) soon!

  2. YAY! i love that you're starting 6W6P! it's pretty good right? i was actually surprised at this because i normally get bored of her videos pretty fast but i just jacked up the weight to make it challenging. i alternate between level 1 and 2 every other day to keep it interesting and then do other workouts between. i tried running yesterday as well after 3 months of no high impact hoping my knee would be better but nope, still hurts. i only went about 3miles before it crapped out on me and now today it's a bit sore :( i don't know what to do.

    boo on you not being able to run for a bit but it's better to let small things heal properly than to have it plague you forever.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Yeah no running in April!! I'm going to start the Focus T25 videos this month and I've heard they make you s-w-e-a-t-y. Woo hoo!

    Also, Dallas looked like fun from all of your ' ? ? ? ' snaps!

  4. I really don't like fitness videos. I did some insanity and 90x ab ripper x before. Blogilates has good ones for quick workouts. I really like this old school 8 minute abs video for when I'm feeling like actually working my core. I own the 6W6P and 30dayshred from jillian and will do it if I'm stuck working out quickly indoors. My April goals are to be happy, eat clean (minus my vacation in the middle of the month!), and finish a plank a day challenge!

  5. jillian knows what is up. also i committed 90 seconds on of my sunday morning to watch all the snaps you had on your snapchat #dedication


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