Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Shrieking & Streaking - Confessions Part Dos

HAPPY WEDNESDAY. Why is Wednesday spelled so weird? Hopefully your April is off to a spectacular start, and opening day was kind to your team. I know it was to mine (GO SOX!)

Anywho, Wednesdays = halfway = hump day = hump day confessions.


So far this week I’ve been able to open my sunroof both days. It made me SO HAPPY, I cranked some country music, threw on my shades and sang at the top of my lungs. I was so happy I even thought about making a video for you all, but realized you probably don’t want your days ruined by my shrieking. Or my streaking.

I’m in love with Starbucks new brew – the Tribute blend. It’s like a dark-cherry-spice-tasty-thing – I think that’s actually the exact descriptor on the bag. I grabbed a venti (shame) for the plane ride home this past weekend, and enjoyed every last drop. Go try it.

Let’s jump from liquids to solids – I’m OBSESSED with QuestBars. I know I jumped on this train a bit late, but I love them for a solid protein option before or after a workout, or to make a tasty mock-dessert after dinner. The other night I baked the chocolate chunk flavor for a few minutes with almond butter wrapped in the middle. I cried tears of joys while I ate it.

Joy. Tears of joy.
If only they didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I want to know why my face still randomly decides to break out like I’m a 16 year old. If you would have told me in high school I would still occasionally be dealing with this crap at age 26, I would have punched you square in the face.

My countdown app is near and dear to my heart. I consistently keep it updated, and when I want something to cheer me up I just stare at it for an hour minute or so. 

The one thing that I’m a little resistant towards with the onset of warm weather is taking my bike off my trainer. I love the option of spinning and watching something on my laptop, while occasionally hoping off for some jump roping/abs, whatever. I know deep down inside as it continues to get warmer that I should take Beth off her trainer and do some laps in the park instead, but the lazy side of me wants to just keep her on the trainer.


Yesterday was my pup’s second birthday, and I feel bad that I didn’t give her a shout out in my Tuesday Post, so I’ll do it here instead. Happy Bday Jane!

That’s a wrap. Time to confess something to me, ready go.

Cheers –



  1. Happy birthday to sweet Jane! It's already so freaking hot in Manila that just the thought of pulling my bike outside makes me want to cry. Looks like I'll be doing some nighttime rides just so that baby gets put to use!

  2. 1) happy bday to your adorable little doggy :)

    2) my husband is chomping at the bit to go riding again. CHOMPING.

    3) it's been spring here too! FINALLY!!! went for a run and loved being in the glorious sun/warmer temps without having to put on eleventy billion layers.

    thanks for linking up :)

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Agh, you're going to make me try that coffee aren't you. How'd you know the words to lure me in included "dark-cherry-spice-tasty-thing"?

  4. I might need to try that countdown app! Looks pretty cool- and I very much agree on the weird spelling of Wednesday. It's one of those words that if you say or write it too often it looks super strange. Have a great hump day!

    - Rebekah

  5. Aww Happy Bday Jane!! So cute! ;) xx


  6. I would like to know why I have acne worse than when I was going through puberty. It's just not cute.

    Happy Birthday Jane from Me, Dragon and Mouse!

  7. You have so much to look forward to! Nice!!

  8. someone buy me all the quest bars when i am done with the sugar detox!

  9. I love countdowns! I'm obsessed with them too.

  10. Aww happy birthday to your pup!! Also, obsessed and frightened of my countdown since my wedding is so close now! And Quest bars? Giirrrlll I was SO late for that train, but I'm so happy I hopped aboard too!

  11. Happy bday to your pup! I love the idea of countdowns... I might just have to download an app! Fun stuff!

  12. Re: breakouts - it probably just means your cleanser isn't working well enough. Try a spin brush for your face -- recently purchased one on Groupon (Vitagoods Spin Face and Body Brush) and it works wonders.


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