Friday, April 18, 2014

Eggs Eggs Eggs

This past week has been a tad abnormal for me. This weekend is actually looking to be the same. It’s one of the last weekends until June that we don’t have packed full of travel/activities, and so we literally have zero plans, outside of church on Sunday and some kind of Easter meal.

I was working out of a different office all week, so my gym has been too far away to make the commute after work. I’ve been mixing up my workouts between biking and interval stuff – last night I hit Brooke’s Dirty 30 pretty hard, the sesh looked something like this, with some jump rope mixed in –
We haven’t talked food in awhile, and I think we should.  I committed hard to green smoothies for breakfast every morning this week, along with a hard boiled egg. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be filling enough, but it actually held me over well until my mid-morning snack. This past Wednesday I made this paleo Deconstructed Spaghetti Squash Carbonara, and added in a little sausage because I knew Andrew would want a little bit of substance…

and I poached eggs for the first time ever!
Wild success. He loved it, and said he would love to make the meal a weekly staple. I love when I can make him love paleo meals. I also love that we watched Frozen afterwards :)

What should I do this weekend? I’m thinking some hot yoga, and maybe some hiking if it’s nice? There’s also an apparently awesome Juice Bar in Fed Hill that I’ve been wanting to try.. maybe some egg dying is in order too?

Fingers crossed for another beautiful weather weekend. Any fun Easter traditions out there?? 

Linking up with Whitney to #Backthatazzup this Friday. Leaving you with one of my favorite songs right now - it's been my alarm all week to wake up to :)




  1. Yay, we both Dirty 30'ed last night, loved it! I put the air squat and the DB push press together into one fluid motion but just because I like to be efficient.

    Also, paleo meal - on point! I need to get back to spaghetti squash!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. "Put an egg on it!" is my life philosophy these days. That carbonara looks incredible.

  3. Your poached eggs make you look like a pro!! They look perfect!!

  4. sounds delish! i need to try my hand at poached eggs - and spaghetti squash!

  5. so that carbonara dish has been waiting on my pinterest board to make it! i need to get on it stat!!!!!

  6. Read this and I'm a fan already! Love the blog, and I'm so trying this!

  7. I wish I could find spaghetti squash around here!! I would then bug the hell out of you for the recipe, lol. I guess I could always try with wheat pasta...soooo, ummm...recipe share?! ;)


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