Friday, April 25, 2014

Discussion Points

Well I wish I could say it's just been a crazy busy rush-around week and that's why I didn't write for Hump Day Confessions, but that would be a lie. Really I just got lazy on Tuesday and wasn't feeling inspired to write.

It happens.

The week workout wise was good - I got both a run and hot yoga in yesterday, followed by some frantic packing. Andrew and I are off to Colorado later this evening to meet the newest addition to his family - his new Nephew, Caleb! Can't wait to meet him!

I always like to try to utilize plane rides to do some longer-term planning; it's especially nice when Andrew is strapped into the seat next to me and I can talk his ear off and he has nowhere to hide.

Things to discuss with Andrew:

1.   Volleyball. It has been on my mind a lot lately, and I have a yearning to play it to some degree this summer. Baltimore has several beach courts, and I’ve seen a few things about some grass tournaments in the area, and I really just want to get signed up. CALLING ALL B'MORE VBALL PLAYERS, give me some guidance here.

I used to be able to jump before running took over my life.
2.   Bullet Proof Coffee. When I discover new fad/health trends that I want to try, I usually try to drag him down with me. While he didn’t jump on oil pulling (which I still occasionally do) I want to to hear his reaction to Bullet Proof coffee.  If you don’t know what it is, read more here – my cousin actually recently sent me an encouraging message about how much she loves it and feels great since she started drinking it.

3.   Puerto Rico. We have the flights and hotel booked, but outside of that, nothing. We need to nail down a few plans, don’t ya think?

4.   Speaking of PR, I'm thinking about doing another 21 day detox come May 1. Puerto Rico is booked for May 23 so it would be pretty good timing. However I already have a few dates booked in May that would possibly have to warrant exceptions for staying sugar free... so we'll see.
5.    I discovered on Wednesday night that there is a Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Africa. Basically, it’s a hotel on the property of a 140 acre giraffe sanctuary. Windows and doors are left open so that the giraffes can come visit whenever they want.


If we ever go to Africa, that’s at the top of the list.
This reminds me, we also still need to go check out the new twin giraffes at the Maryland Zoo!

Solid discussion list for the 4ish hour plane ride, don’t you think? I’ll leave you all with a new recipe to try this weekend if you’re feeling adventurous.

Eggdrop Broccoli Slaw:

-          1 cup broccoli slaw
-          Handful of chopped mushrooms (or onions or whatever you like)
-          ½ cup shrimp (mine were frozen)
-          ½ cup vegetable broth
-          1 glove garlic
-          1 egg
-          Salt/pepper/crushed red pepper to taste

Saute the broccoli slaw, mushrooms and shrimp in the vegetable broth and garlic on medium heat. Meanwhile, boil water and follow these directions to poach your egg.

Throw it all in a bowl, and gently ladle your poached egg on top. Season to taste. Good stuff. I <3 poached eggs.

I’m off to start my Friday. I’ve got a plane to catch and a baby to see. #Backthatazzup today for me, will ya?

Cheers - 


  1. 1. Shut the front door with the Giraffe place in Africa. If you go, can I just go ahead and come with you?!
    2. I've heard a lot about this Bulletproof Coffee too, but won't be able to give it a go until I'm back in Houston...which means I need to know what you think of it :)
    3. Lovveeee Puerto Rico. We stopped there for a couple days on our honeymoon cruise and it's gorgeous! Go walk around Old San Juan - it's just a cool, relaxed place with tons of great little coffee shops to hang out at!

    Have fun in CO!!

  2. The Bmore Beach volleyball looks like so much fun! I suck at volleyball but I would go to watch! I loveeee Puerto Rico. I went hiking in El Yunque rainforest/waterfall which was beautiful. Sometimes having no plans is the best plan though!

  3. GIRAFFE Manor. Take me with you.

  4. Giraffe hotel?! Need to go there. I like adding coconut oil and MCT oil for bulletproof-esque coffee. I can never get the hot coffee blending butter thing down. And it's a lot easier to just put some oil in my coffee than messing around with blending it!

  5. If you ever go to that place in Africa we're going together. Enjoy Colorado! I heard it's so beautiful, and I've always wanted to go!!

  6. i have been wanting to try the bulletproof coffee for a while now, but can't say I have grass fed butter on hand....

  7. I am 100% making your eggdrop broccoli slaw, looks easy and delicious, yum! Thanks for posting-I love spicy so might be adding some sambal (chili sauce) for a little extra spice!

  8. awwww that kitty. love it. so jealous of your vacay, sounds amazing. i am a nutter planner though and would have had everything planned, but that also seems like a vacay you could just roll with and everything would be perfect. its on the bucket list to do something like that!

  9. Hey girl!! Great song and those Giraffes are too freakin cute!! I missed Humpday confessions too which is sacrilege!! :-( I just had nothin' lol! Have a great weekend! :)


  10. that slaw looks amazing- must try it!

  11. I happen to have JUST been in Nairobi. It is a somewhat risky travel destination. Take precautions of you think about going. Although I didn't see it, I've heard good things about giraffe manor.

  12. Yep, that Giraffe place is all over my Pinterest. Such a dream!

    And so jealous of your PR trip!


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