Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning & Stuff

I don’t get to say this very often, so I will right now. This week freaking flew by.

Guys it’s Friday. Let’s start with a workout, shall we?

On Wednesday it was warm out after work and I was fully prepared to completely punt on my afternoon workout and have an early date night on a patio with some wine. However, Andrew text me around 5 telling me he was about to head to the gym, so I pouted for a few minutes and then decided I may as well get a workout in as well.

After some brief Pinterest scanning, I got a few ideas, made my own modifications and came up with this:

15/30 Min. Total Body Sweat Sesh

I did this twice through, with a water break in between, coming out to 30 mins total. The second time around I did the second exercise listed just to mix it up. Feel free to alter depending what equipment you have on hand. I turned up the music, jumped around my room like a moron, and am proud to say that I'm sore today.


The workout was actually followed by date night, during which we ate pizza in a park, and I discovered that the trees are starting to bud…


Another Pinterest success – these guys:

I made them on Monday night and have been snacking on them all week. They. Are. Delicious. I made them with turkey bacon (no reason in particular) and highly recommend them if 1. You love bacon 2. You love paleo 3. You love bacon

A new addition to my April to-do list is to clean out my closet (yes, just like the Eminem song) and pull out those warmer weather clothes. And maybe even buy some new spring-wear. However, per a recent conversation with my sister, I realized I have more catching up to do than I thought…

Bri: crop tops and kimonos ALL SUMMER
nah kimonos will prob be out by fall
my dream kimono is at urban but its 80 dollars and i dont deserve
i search state street and michigan avenue consistently for another perfect kimono but cannot find
im on a failing kimono hunt
kcomiskey: i dont know what a kimono is
Bri: sigh
this is the summer of kimonos so you need to learn
its basically see through flowy things youll wear over croptops
kcomiskey: oh yes i saw one at target once i liked it

I suppose I’m on the market for a kimono. And a croptop. Seeing that I own neither.

Any direction in this fashion issue is more than welcome. Tell me, what spring cleaning tasks do you have on your list?

Cheers to kimonos?



  1. Lol, I just recently found out that kimonos are now a fashion trend. Who knew?!? And I won't wear crop tops until my abs are like amazing...which means I probably won't wear crop tops until the winter haha

  2. Yes I love Bacon. Yes I love paleo. Yes that workout is happening (minus the headstand push-ups because I'm not as beast mode as you) next week after 10k is over.

  3. for some reason, your comments land in my spam box on typePad and it's driving me crazy!! i've already reamed out Typepad about it and they're working on it. but to reply to your comment on my blog, im with you - i'd rather spend the money and eat well instead of eating god knows what in the regular stuff.

    i heard that kimonos are now a fashion trend. the patterns are pretty but i wouldn't wear that out in public

    Vodka and Soda

  4. hahah i am loving the convo you had with your sister about kimonos. looks like i need to up my wardrobe too seeing how i have neither piece.

  5. those bacon bites look delicious. I love bacon and butternut squash so why not? also - side note, would you be interested in a button swap? let me know!

    - Rebekah @ Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles

  6. I love bacon so those look amazing. I also happen to have a butternut squash lying around-WIN! I need to work on my abs to rock some crop tops this summer. Eek.

  7. Pizza date night in a park? I absolutely love it!!!! So fun :)


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