Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May Flowers?

I’m back! After almost 4 straight hours of crazy turbulence on our Denver – Baltimore flight late Sunday night, I wasn’t sure if I would live to blog another day. I’m talking heart pounding, clasping my arm rests type of flight. Good stuff.  What actually was good was the flight into Denver on Friday instead - I was loving the views, per usual.

And of course, the view once we got there  :)

However, it's back to reality now. In the midst of an extremely rainy week here in Baltimore; I suppose I should just remind myself that April showers bring May flowers right? So come Thursday, enough is enough rain.

I squeezed in a couple miles after work last night before the rain rolled in, and then sat down to map out some May goals and thoughts. May is one of my favorite months, for absolutely no reason outside of it kind of being the intro month to summer.  I’ll write a more goal specific post later this week to give you a peep inside my crazy head. 

ya I know.

Something else cool: if you’re into workouts, or link-ups, or both, a more exciting announcement is this: I’m cohosting a Tuesday Blog Link-up for the month of May!


Before you pee your pants, here are the deets:

The hosts are Rebecca from Getting to the Show and Chelsea from Delipsch, and they both rock.

Check out Rebecca
Check out Chelsea

May Challenge Guidelines:
Every Tuesday in May Link up with your favorite type of workout. Keep in mind that this link up does not have to be the only thing that you post about; feel free to post about whatever the heck else you want and then throw in your favorite workout/move/circuit at the end, etc., so we can all walk away ready to sweat.

May Link Up Schedule
6th- Favorite Core workout
13th- Favorite Arm workout
20th- Favorite Leg workout
27th- Favorite workout from another blog

It’s a super simple yet useful link up to participate in, especially for the month of May… the appetizer month to the main course summer months…. Ya dig? Come play.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ll be back for some hump day confessions tomorrow. Hold onto your pants.

Cheers -


  1. You rock too Kait! Can't wait for next Tuesday and pictures of Colorado!

  2. hmmmm..... i may join this linkup :)

    and it's going to rain ALL WEEK here too. i will not be complaining though; i told myself that after our long and brutal winter, once spring comes i will not complain because at least it's not snowing!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Cool on the workout linkup! How much fun, thanks for sharing!! Wishing you zero rain!

  4. Ooh I'll definitely be linking up! Can't wait to hear your May goals. After an up and down spring (aka really long winter!) I'm ready to set some goals for May and get ready for summer! Also I HATE turbulence. I'm pretty anxious about flying a lot this summer. Thank goodness they serve alcohol on planes!

  5. soooo over this freaking rain and its only rained 2 days here, lol. looking forward to your link up :)

  6. Yeah for workout links how fun!!!! Send some of that rain down to FL it's been so blazing hot lately!!

  7. ohhh linkups yes! in other news we have really, extra nice weather here all week and then rain this weekend when i actually get to be outside. wahhhh

  8. I always can't believe how flat states out west look from the plane! Love the linkup elf gif and idea!


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