Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hump Day Confessions - Official Part I

Welp, we're in that that awkward mid-week place again when we all can’t decide if we should start getting excited that the weekend is coming, or feel defeated that we are only halfway through.

I don’t have an answer to that, but I do have some Hump Day Confessions that may help distract from your confusion.

Vodka & Soda

When first moving into my lovely Baltimore house with my two other roommates, our landlords hooked us up by arranging a cleaning service to come every other month.

Confession: I LOVE WHEN THEY COME. Nothing makes me happier then walking into a sparkly – smelling house, and a perfectly made bed. It makes me feel like I'm living in a hotel... until I wake up the next morning and I've torn my bed to shreds once more.

Confession: I don’t have an opinion on crunchy versus creamy nut butter. None. I like both evenly. Is that some kind of sin?

Confession: I rarely ever ‘do’ my hair anymore. It’s long and curly and I don’t even own a straightener right now. Most days = throwing together some kind of sloppy braid and hoping for the best.

beautiful, just gorgeous.
Confession: I hate bras. I guess this isn’t really a confession...  what girl LOVES bras? I think they are annoying and the highlight of most days is when I can put on my sports bra instead.

Confession: I love group texts. Maybe too much. I’m kind of a group text slut, and any chance I get to start one, I do. Any friends reading are welllll aware of this one already.

Confession: More recently, I’ve become a fan of splitting my daily workout in halves. For example, yesterday I woke up and rode my bike for 40 minutes before work, then after work I went to hot yoga.  It seems I just find more joy in the occasional split up.. it’s kind of like, ‘Nice, I cleared out two chunks of time today to do something I enjoy instead of one.’

Last but not least, my current favorite phrase is ‘I am the champion.’ It can be used pretty much anytime and anywhere you want – ‘I had Chipotle for lunch today because I am the champion’, ‘That guy has badass shoes on, he is the champion’,  ‘Didn’t wear makeup today, I am the champion.’

It sounds dumb but it’s catchy and I can’t stop (like the song). Because I am the champion.

How’s that for some confessions? Give me some of your own, will ya? And remember -

Jetting to Dallas tomorrow morning, it may be a few days until you hear from me again...
If I haven't posted by Sunday night, someone phone the authorities.
Cheers –



  1. i'll be splitting up my workouts now too, for the next 6wks. i do the 6wk 6pack in the AM and then my regular workout after i come home. not looking forward to this either since i just want to go home, take my pants off and drink wine but i'm going to miami in 6wks and i need to keep up with them young bitches on the beach.

    also: i haven't worn a bra in about 3 months. BEST DECISION EVER.

    thanks for linking up!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm a text whore too. Group texts are the best until I get about 50 unread ones while I'm in class/at work. I'm worse with snapchat, it's seriously a problem. My apartment could seriously use a cleaning lady. It's kind of gross (and it's not because of me...). I miss having a housecleaner since I grew up with one at my house.

  3. You are the champion (my friend) for getting your place cleaned. My mom will do that for me every once in a while and it's wonderful... even though I wish she'd give me warning and not tell me while I'm at work that she's going that same day. I'd like to pretend I don't live in filth.

    Have fun in Dallas for work!

  4. Haha I love the "I am the champion". Group texts suck with me if if it's all iphone friends because my phone makes me download them all individually. Otherwise I love them :) I am SO jealous you have a cleaning lady-I really want one because I'm lazy and my apt is fairly big so it's dust city right now. Thinking about trying to split workouts in April because my life is really busy right now!

  5. I would love my landlord if they gave me a cleaning service. That is amazing!!!

  6. Hey Kait!! I am eternally forced to wear my hear in a pony tail or bun. I envy girls who really take the time out to do it all nice. My hair is very unmanageable. So I hear ya, lol! Have a lovely week my dear!


  7. I totally wish I had maid service. It would make me the happiest girl in the world. I definitely have strong opinions on the PB debate (creamy FTW!) I rarely do my hair's status "ugh looks like crap" *throws it in a ponytail* "hmm the top still looks funky" *covers it with a headband* "PROBLEM SOLVED!"

  8. confession - i often times wear sports bras to work, the ones with the thin straps because i hate bras. and any time i wear an actual bra brad comments and says ' oh i see someone decided to be a big girl today huh?'

  9. i havent been "doing" my hair either! you are not alone

  10. I've actually never had crunchy peanut butter, I should try it. So jealous that you get a cleaning service, I hired one on Saturday and it was amazing!!

  11. Is it weird that I wish I had hair like yours? I can't wait for the day mine is long enough to just let it do its own thing.

  12. Sloppy braids for the win *because we are the champions*! That's how my hair looks most of the time these days and I am totaaally okay with it.

    Stopping by and following you from the Confessions link-up!

  13. Yes... it IS a sin - EVERYONE KNOWS CREAMY IS WHERE IT'S AT!!!!

  14. your hair looks much better than mine :). and what generous landlords! i wish i could afford a cleaning service.

  15. Yeah, I don't do my hair either haha I don't think that's a it?


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