Friday, March 21, 2014


You guys, I have some great news – it’s officially spring!

Baltimore weather cleaned itself up a bit yesterday and today, we pushed 60 degrees and are supposedly doing the same today. I enjoyed a solid 7 miles around the park after work, soaking up all the sun I could get.

I don’t talk about my boyfriend/best friend/better half too much on here, as he is boring prefers to stay out of the spotlight like the coy fox that he is. But I realized a fascinating trend this week, and just had to share.

I like to eat, a lot. We know this. I snack pretty consistently throughout the day at work – probably eating about every 90ish mins or so. I’m not talking like meal sizes, but snacks such as this –

dried cranberries, plantain chips, almonds

I feel pretty confident that I eat more than Andrew – he’s told me his ‘feeding schedule’ before, and he basically eats 3 simple meals, nothing in between.  He’s even told me before that when he’s busy he sometimes forgets to eat lunch, which will forever be a confusing statement to me…

After returning from Chicago last week, I vowed to clean it up a bit. Eating habits in regards to sugar/pizza/alcohol had basically been lax since the holidays, and my work pants were beginning to get angry with me. If we’re being honest, I can’t afford to buy bigger sizes in all colors of my pants, so I opted for the ‘stop eating like a truck driver’ option.

I was serious. I even pulled Andrew aside one night and told him not to tempt me with crap during the week. I EVEN TURNED DOWN HALF PRICE WINE ON DATE NIGHT LAST WEEK.

Food prep is and always will be key for me. The boy is slowly getting on board with that as well.

red pepper with egg/spinach baked into it, paleo pumpkin muffins. breakfast yesterday.

We often call each other Pete. He hates it but can't stop.
 He is also going to hate that I showed this to the world.

Anyways, rewind a few days to this past Tuesday. Weather was cold and crappy, work had been a handful, and the only rower at the gym was broken. On top of it all, traffic was a real gem driving home, and so in the midst of my fury I basically snapped and text Andrew –

‘Pizza tonight?’

He called shortly after, suggesting pizza on Wednesday instead, as Wednesday is typically our date night.

‘No, I want it today, today is officially a cheat day, I just decided.’

Needless to say, he caved without much further argument.
buffalo chicken pizza from Saute. so. good. so. bad.
the sauce honestly may or may not be butter?
ignorance is bliss.
I’ve read a few different articles basically stating that being in a relationship can cause weight gain. I mean, it's nothing earth shattering. You form new habits, you feed off of what the other wants to do, you get comfortable, easily cave in, etc. Yet the concept definitely became clearer than ever to me on Tuesday night.

“I hate you for making me eat that, I’m pretty sure I just gained 5 lbs.”

“Andrew, you can’t gain 5 lbs from one meal. It’s fine, it was a cheat day, just eat healthy the week.”

Angry glare.

I rarely drag him down with me. It’s normally the opposite to be honest (love you babe). Yet for one of the first times in a long time, I had shoved mid-week pizza down our throats, and actually felt kind of bad about it.

There is no moral of the story, just me thinking/confessing out loud I suppose. Does anyone else notice the correlation between their eating habits and their relationships – I suppose it could even go as far as friendships as well? It’s interesting stuff; I feel it’s hard for one to stay on track if the other decides to completely punt.

In other news, this weekend we are doing a day trip up to the Big Apple on Saturday to do some sightseeing (I’ve never been to NYC, I know, I know) and to see my friend Les who is up there for work.  It’s a three hour bus trip both ways; I see a lot of reading and Pinterest in my future. The next three weekends I have a lot of travel - New York, Dallas, then Indiana for a wedding.

Speaking of Pinterest, I shall leave you with these two gems -


Not a fan of pants.
Aaaand some #Backthatazzup Friday - a new fav of mine - 

Hope your weekend goes swimmingly, and Spring pops in to hello. Or even better, permanently moves in -




  1. hahah i call that being "fappy" - fat happy otherwise known as the weight you gain when in relationships. it's totally normal but then when the pants start hanging on for dear life, it's time to get your shit together and clean up your act. or not; if you're fappy, then so be it!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. ^^ baha, Kathy with "Fappy". Yes! Serious correlation between boy making food decisions in my life and me making my own.
    Also, don't you love those Trader Joe's plantain chips? I just discovered them a few weeks ago and can't stop, won't stop. Happy weekend!

  3. Derrick is trying to gain weight (annoying in itself) and last night, he told me it's kind of annoying because sometimes he has to eat even when he's no hungry. then he had the audacity to complain about how someone brought in cake to work and by the end of his cake, he didn't even want to eat cake anymore but he did anyway to gain weight. I put this at the same level as forgetting to eat. HOW?!

  4. Enjoy NYC! My bf and I have the same issue - he has the metabolism of a 8 year old boy and I definitely do not. He also eats cookies for breakfast - so it is VERY hard to stay on track with him. He had his first salad at the age of 24! haha

  5. i definitely notice that when brad isn't in the mood to eat healthy or work out then i some how also end up not being in the mood to do those things either. usually we help each other be accountable / i always feel guilty if brad works out on a day that i don't. which is dumb on my part

  6. Food prep is always an issue for me... I hate it!! Have fun on your day trip to NYC!!! Take lots of pictures, I've never been :) :)

  7. Yay! Have a great time in NYC! It can be a bit overwhelming on the first trip but trust me, you won't get lost! If you need any food ideas- let me know!


  8. SPRING! So excited! The Pinterest bits were great! Sitting like a man all the way! :)

  9. Ugh my boyfriend definitely brings me down especially since he loves takeout-I feel like I'd eat healthier if I lived alone haha. He can help me though and I try to focus on the "just a few bites" rule if I want to try something he is eating but not order a whole thing to myself out.t.We only really keep healthy things in our apt so that helps, but our downfall is just going out to eat. He also picks up some healthy habits for me and made us a lovely omelette with some eggs and mostly egg whites and kale and such for breakfast so A plus today. It's all about moderation, but I definitely go through bursts of eating out where I just feel like I need to have green smoothies for a week to detox haha


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