Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Doggy Approval

I Facetimed with my dog, Jane, the other night. I would say that’s a pretty good indicator that this weekend was the perfect weekend to pick to go home, seeing that I haven’t been back yet this year, and I can’t have her forgetting who I am.
Jane the Pain.
Luckily, Jane loved my new Warby Parker glasses (thanks to all of your for the feedback in deciding) so I’ll keep them around.


This week feels short, and busy. Maybe because it is? Monday was a ‘Work from Home’ Snow Day… and while I will complain about the snow, I won’t complain about my lunch break–

I’ve been trying to drink more water in the mornings, because I normally get to work and pound coffee like a mad woman and probably dehydrate myself. New rule – drink a glass of water before my coffee, and after.

Last night I did a spinning workout on my bike, paired with some intermediate jumping around and abs. I’m loosely following this challenge for March, I like the variety that it offers.

sorry for the weird graphic in the background

What I don’t like are taxes; I filed mine on Tuesday and for some reason I owe the state of Maryland money. I happily wrote them a check because hey they deserve it.

If we are being honest, I got pissed after H&R Block told me this, and immediately went upstairs and housed half of the paleo chocolate that I had just made. Don’t worry, the other half disappeared last night.

That’s about all I’ve got for this week. I would be surprised if I write while I’m in Chicago, don’t hold it against me. Andrew and I catch a flight back this evening, for a long weekend at home with my family and friends. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll leave you with this cool website that Mizuno sent me in an email the other day – What if everybody ran? Check it out.

Cheers to Friday Eve –



  1. I do the same thing with the coffee and somehow it's hours before I've had any water. I'm in on the water before coffee plans! Have fun with Jane and family!!

  2. Facetiming with my dog kills me! It makes me wish that I could just snap my fingers and be home getting puppy cuddles and kisses, but home is so far away :( Have the best time with friends and family!!

  3. i expect lots of Jane and Chicago photos when you do finally blog again! have fun, lady

  4. Have a great trip home - I cannot wait for mine! It's always refreshign to go home.


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