Friday, March 14, 2014

I wanted to tell you guys

Do any other bloggers out there keep a weird running list of things they want to blog about?
Or even if you're not a blogger,  maybe a list of things you want to remember to tell people?
(I do that a lot with my boyfriend, not gonna lie)

Normally I either keep track by taking pictures, or keeping a list of random phrases in my ‘notes’ app in my phone that would make absolutely no sense to anyone but me.

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you guys about….

How I’ve been doing Kettlebell swings wrong for the past year. Figured that one out at Crossfit on Wednesday night.

Apparently it’s all in the hips. I’m sore today everywhere, and it’s glorious.

I wanted to tell you guys about…

The fact that I reach a point every morning where my body basically rejects coffee. I would say that I average about 1 – 1.5 mugs of coffee per morning. My mug is big – maybe about two-ish measurable cups? Anyways, usually a few sips into my second mug my body is like ‘ok I’m awake, switch to water.’ It sounds weird, but I swear I feel it daily.

I wanted to ask you guys…

If I need this scarf from Target? Maybe? Probably not, because apparently Target sucks lately.

I wanted to bitch cry to you guys about…


But seriously, enough is enough winter. Go home.

Pretty sure wind chills were in the teens this morning.  I wore a scarf to work. I literally cannot wait until all I wear to work is a short-sleeved shirt and I’m sweating through it.

Oh, and I wanted to rave about how my favorite TV show lately is House of Cards. I started season 1 a few weeks ago with my one month Netflix trial, and am hooked. So intriguing. Love watching it while I pedal away on my bike.

HAPPY FRIDAY!! You made it! Today is Jeans Day at work, Sunday is the start of March Madness, and Monday is St. Patrick’s Day!


Linking up again for #Backthatazzup Friday - how 'bout a little fun.?

Am I the only one who struggled with KB swings? Anyone else excited for some March Madness action?

Cheers - 


  1. i have a whole planner dedicate to blogging stuff that has two pages of blog post ideas so no, you're not the only one :)

    and i LOVE LOVE KBs. i don't have KBs at home so i sub them for regular dumbbells.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I totally have a list in my notes about things to blog about- and they usually come to me while I'm walking around town and I have about half of the post written in my head..

    And you definitely need the scarf- and if you don't get it, I totally will.

    Happy Friday!

    - Rebekah @Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles

  3. Yes on writing things down! That's basically all my iPhone notes are is "Oh! I have to remember to tell so and so (or blog) about this.

    I also want to get a kettlebell but need to find a non-expensive one maybe. Happy Friday!!

  4. Sooo you and I have the same coffee routine pretty much haha. Pretty much all I ever drink is coffee in the morning and water for the rest of the day.
    And I'm with you on the weather. I'm so tired of being teased with warm weather. I'll give it another week or else I'l...I'l..I don't even know haha.

    Following you on Bloglovin and Instagram now! :)

    - morg harp nich
    friday instagram link up at if you want to join! :)

  5. ahahahaha HOUSE OF CARDS! Claire is a stone cold fox.

  6. Yeah kettlebell swings kill my shoulders. especially when it's paired with lifting in a WOD. boo. House of Cards is amazeballs. Parts are filmed in my 'hood!

  7. 1. Uh oh. I'm sure I've been doing kettle bell swings wrong too..
    2. My body reacts the EXACT same way to coffee cup no. 2 but only if it's hot.. iced coffee I can drink all day erry day.
    3. I LOOOOVE that scarf.
    4. I feel like I have to start on House of Cards because EVERYONE keeps talking about it and I've never seen a single episod.e
    5. This is the first blog post of yours I've ever read and it ended with a Fun. song? I think I'm in love.



  8. I go crazy if I forget about something! Writing stuff down all the time!
    And... Yes to the scarf!!


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