Thursday, May 29, 2014


Having to say goodbye to sunny perfect Puerto Rico was a hard goodbye. All of the cars license plates there have "Isla del encanto" on them - the island of enchantment. That it is. 

From the rain forest to the beaches to the food to the people, it was an excellent trip. We knew by our second day there we would be back. Yet in order to not ramble, I shall keep the summary list format for you all. 

Things I leaned in Puerto Rico:

1. Gas is in liters (they use the metric system). For the first two days Andrew and I could not for the life of us figure our why gas was only .95 cents a gallon. We were mindblown, and considering moving there solely because of the cheap gas... and then let down when we realized our oversight while filling back up the rental car. 

 2. The ocean is perfectly warm. It was lovely. However, the waterfalls are breathtakingly cold.                                                                            Waterfall < ocean.

andrew jumped in a swam under the waterfall. i wasn't quite as brave.
3. Plantains are a staple food item. They have a whole bunch of different ways the prepare them; I tried the sweet plantain with beef and cheese...

I want to try every way. 

 4. Puerto Rican men all shape their eyebrows. All of them. It was fascinating to me.

 5. My Spanish isn't quite as lost as I thought it was. I gained a crazy appreciation for the number of bilingual people on the island, and it encouraged me to keep practicing! 


6. The word for selfie in Spanish is selfie. I heard it first hand, on this beach...

7. Speaking of selfies and beaches... beach drinks taste better out of coconuts. It's science. 

8. Sometimes workouts need to be rainforest and cave hikes in fresh ocean air instead of minutes clocked in a gym. 

And other times, workouts just need to not at all, so that moments like these aren't missed.

It makes me happy that the list of places which I visit and steal parts of my heart is continuing to grow. 

Until next time PR, mi amor - 



  1. Replies
    1. What she said ^
      Looks like a fab time was had!

  2. Such amazing photos!! Very jealous, girlfriend!! xo

  3. OMG the trails/hikes in the rain forest YES PLEASE! i'm glad you had a great time in PR :) sounds like some place i need to visit too!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. SO jealous-it looks so beautiful and relaxing there! I'd love to hike in rain forests and drink out of coconuts! Glad you had a great time!

  5. i want a coconut drink! and your photos are amazing, so jealous. and haha to the gas, we have it in litres at home (and we call it petrol but i digress) and i cant work out the whole gallon thing here. i never know if i am getting cheap gas or ripped off and my husband gets so mad. oops!

  6. i want to try all the ways to make Plantains

  7. Let's make plantains a daily thing here, shall we? Looks so amazing!

  8. Looks and sounds so perfect- Mike better pack his bags sometime soon!

  9. I have never been to Puerto Rico but I have one word for it (from your pictures) perfection! Sounds and looks like you had an amazing time, cheers on your engagement again :)

  10. Drinks are ALWAYS better in coconuts. That's a world wide fact. So happy you had fun!

    xx Laura (new reader!)

  11. Puerto Rican and Domincan men shape their eyebrows - see it all the time in Florida, girl. In my opinion - not cute! And how about in Venezuela you can fill up an SUV for $0.35 - as in the whole damn tank of gas cost you less than fifty cents (an SUV!). I would not lie to you.
    And I love that last shot! It's perfect.

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