Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A slacker's confessions

I confess that I don't care the "official" first day of summer is June 21st - summer is here to stay in Baltimore and it makes me explode with joy.  It was a beautiful weekend here, and looking to be the same this coming weekend. 

Speaking of this past weekend, I confess that I watched an entire concert by myself in Baltimore (got separated from my pals) and had zero issues with it. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.

Is that weird?

I LOVE when people ask me for workout/running advice. The other day my roomie came down to my bedroom AKA my home gym AKA my pile of dumbbells and kettlebells, and upon her request I showed her a few simple lifts that I would normally do at the gym. that I felt were a good place for here to start. It made me happy.

About an hour later I got this request:
disregard the second half of the convo

And so decided that this should be the June ab workout:

Every other day. Summer stomachs here we come.

On top of all that, Andrew recently asked me for help in putting together a training plan for him - he may just be running a fall marathon!

His first marathon ever. Yes. Love when people make that plunge. 

Lastly, I confess I've been very unmotivated to write. Initial wedding planning and volleyball practices on top of work had taken a good chunk of my time away. Plus I'm in desperate need of a haircut, dentist apt, oil change, getting my bike tuned up - you know how it goes, they all pile up at once I swear. 

That being said, June may be a slow blogging month for me. My blog, my rules, not sorry. 

See ya when I see ya, cheers!



  1. oooo, i hear you on the slow blogging/lack of motivation to write; it seems that i've lost my blogging mojo since i came back from miami but like you said - your blog, your rules! blog whenever you can; that's what i'll be doing once the school year is over for my kid.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. The sky in that second pic is so heavenly! Love it! Also a cayote sniffing her face??? haha

  3. i do not understand the 'start of summer' or any season for that matter in the middle of a month. america is the only country who does that (i have no idea if thats true) - at home the start of the season is the 1st of the month. so june 1st started winter. 1st december starts summer. etc. it confuses me so i just ignore it haha.
    yay full marathon! thats crazy awesome. one day i hope to do it as well. maybe.
    exactly, your blog - your rules lady!

  4. That seems like a killer ab challenge. I'm trying to do the run one mile a day thing so I think that's enough for me now-you have motivated me to try to do 50 situps at least twice of week as a start, because damn I need your abs haha.

  5. As soon as it stays in the 80s for a few days straight its summer time lol I dont care about the actual date.

    That ab challenge looks intense!
    I was running a lot then I slacked off so Im retraining myself Im starting with the C25K

  6. That ab challenge makes me ache just looking at it! haha! Intense is probably the understatement of the year!


  7. That ab challenge looks fierce! I'm with you on the summer start though. That started Memorial Day weekend as far as I'm concerned.

  8. SUMMER ABS! I must join in. I should also probably cut back on my ramen for this to work

  9. I am outside of Baltimore! I am trying to follow your blog but the little "follow along" thing isnt working :(

  10. Oh man wedding planning sucks every moment of your time away! I had zero time to see people let alone schedule any blog posts! Also, this girl needs to hop on that abs challenge train...because they are hiding somewhere behind all of that wine and pizza I consumed for the past two weeks...womp...

  11. Give me all the exercise advice! I just started this bootcmap and its kicking my butt!

  12. Girl, I'm the SAME way with blogging right now. Gotta do YOU! :)

  13. I don't think I listen to when any of the seasons start. I feel you on the blogging! Love the first two photos!

  14. Yay for summer NOW!!! June is going to be a tough blogging month for me too... I may be to busy enjoying the weather!!! And like you said, my blog, my rules ;)

  15. Summer Abs, Concerts with thy self and running your own show the way you want to...cheers to you!

  16. That summer workout is a big yes!

  17. See you when we see you! I fully support summer blog breaks and ab challenges! :) now get that oil changed! (as my dad would say!)

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