Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dabbling in ART

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Moving on… yesterday, I had my first ART experience.

And I’m not talking about this kind of art:

Yes, I really did paint this.

While drinking a Blue Moon. Not too shabby?
ART stands for Active Release Techniques, and quite a few runners have steered me in this direction in regards to the plantar faciitis in my right heel. I went in with fairly high hopes, and left feeling confident… but a little rattled to be honest.


Why am I currently still a little rattled? Read it and weep (or laugh).

This guy knows his stuff, no doubt about that. He’s treated tons of runners with the same nagging injury I have, and has gotten great results. He also really loves to hear himself talk.

He told me that my current mileage of about 30ish miles a week is high. I don’t see that number as high at all. When I told him I averaged 50 per week last summer, he acted like that was the most absurd thing in the world.

I never saw a problem with it. Most of it was run on Colorado trails, so it was lower impact.

This is one of my favorite place in THE WORLD to run. I would throw up if I could run there this weekend.
He started suggesting I look into triathlons as well, as cross training is a little less harsh.

Sure doc, hire someone to teach me how to swim and I’m in. Oh and you can pay the absurd race fees for triathlons as well. While you’re at it, want to buy me some bike shorts?

because right now I bike in my volleyball spandex.
The discussion we had during my basic examination went something like this:

Doc: “Whose your primary care doctor?”
Me: “I don’t have one, I recently moved out here.”
Doc: “Oh yea, what for?”
Me: “A job, and my boyfriend is out here as well.”
Doc: “What?! You shouldn’t be following anyone anywhere without a ring on your finger!”
ME: Gives him a long, blank stare. 
Doc: “How old are you guys?”
Me: “24.”
Doc: “Oh well hell, you guys are too young to be married! Definitely wait it out a few years.”

Gee, thanks for the love advice doc. Now fix my freaking foot.

All humor aside, I trust him. When I finally handed over my foot, he instantly put his thumb on the exact spot where it hurts. Everything he said made sense, and I walked out of there feeling (rattled) yet assured that he will be able to help me.

However, one thing I don’t like. I don’t like when people tell me to run less. He suggested that I bring down my mileage before coming back in for my first official treatment next week.

I went home and ran 7 miles. Come on bro, I have a marathon to train for. How can you possibly see that as a reasonable request?


  1. hahaha i laughed out loud AND read aloud the doctor conversation. too funny. and of course, theres no telling you what to do when you have you rmind set on something--which i love, respect,...and definitely would do the same damn THANG. haha
    congrats on the hardwork and im glad to see you painting!!! i havent done one in a long while and i wish i had,..but i think im designing a tattoo next;)
    if you did get my email the other day btw, feel free to shoot me some creepy thoughts that you have whilst in the kitchen, or while training about your food life while you're at it.
    (oh yeah, i forgive u:-D)


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