Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July the 4th

Happy Independence Day!!

I hope your day is filled with BBQ's, cold beverages and fire works that are clear from nearby houses and any dry landscape.

Let's keep this short, because even I have things I would rather be doing than babbling on to myself in cyberspace. It's the 4th, and it's also a Wednesday ... equating to WEIRD WEDNESDAYS 4th of July Special Edition!
There are no words, I know.
I was cursed blessed as a small child/teen to have been enrolled in just about any sport/activity that I even expressed a vague interest in. From soccer to violin lessons to Irish Dancing to softball to...

on occasion it will still come out at parties. 

Baton Twirling?

Yes, one summer long long ago I took a Baton Twirling summer camp. The end result of the camp? We got to march in our town's 4th of July Parade, and twirl those sticks like mad.

Me (right) & Dani. Bff's.

The sad part of the story?

At the end of the parade, I ended up getting lost and not being able to find my parents. For the longest 10 minutes of my adolescent life, I was convinced that I was bound to be an orphan, living on the street.

There I am, front and center. Looking so happy.

My mom found my tear stained self soon enough, but if I remember correctly, the day was most definitely ruined, and I never touched that stupid baton again. I may have even burnt it.

Apparently baton twirling just wasn't my calling. I prefer my running shoes anyways.

On that note, I'm off to knock out 10 before it gets too hot. Have an amazing red white & blue day!



  1. Hahahaha we were so cute!!! Gotta love the high waisted shorts and tucked in t-shirts.

  2. Bah! When I was little I got to be in a local parade too. We totally won a prize for most original float... Because who doesn't love a pickup bed full of candy-stripers?!


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