Monday, July 30, 2012

Taking Care

Well, it's Monday. And let's be honest we could all use a little pick me up. Some candy perhaps?

Phelps & Lochte, top USA men's swimmers
Eye candy, that is. No thanks necessary.

I have to start off with a confession. I said I was going to keep the weekend non-impact up until my 11 mile run yesterday morning.

I didn't.

I couldn't. The track was calling. The good news? I cranked out some 400 repeats, and hit 1:26-1:27 every time. I was pretty proud. I also got a little swimming and biking in as well.

oh cool look what i did! so crafty.
Aaaaand aside from the above, my weekend was extremely low key. Other activities included taking cheesy pics of myself photography...

... rearranging the furniture in my room.... and lastly, a lot of taking care of myself. Something I've realized I don't do enough.

Outside of the realm of healthy eating, vitamins and icing... I really don't do much as far as prevention. I honestly don't even stretch, which I know is a controversial topic to begin with but let me make the bold statement that I'm possibly the most inflexible human being on the planet.

So Kait, what did you do this weekend as a means of taking care of yourself? Don't hold your breathe, this is actually a pretty lengthy list. Aside from my typical stretching and hydrating...

-I foam rolled, something I hate doing but am really trying to work on. Hurts so good.
-I bought this juice:

100% tart cherry juice. It's PACKED with antioxidants and is supposed to be a natural anti-inflammatory. So I've started taking a swig in both the morning and night, because I figure hey why not?

-I sat in the hot tub for awhile and rested my foot against the jet. I'm not sure if this is actually 'healthy' or not, but it felt great.

-Following the hot tub, I went into the sauna and stretched. Or at least attempted to stretch.

-I also soaked my angry right foot in Epsom Salt the night before my 'longer' run, as it supposedly relaxes your feet and reduces inflammation. Are you seeing a pattern here? Inflammation = the devil.

And post-run? I relaxed. I sat still, something borderline impossible for me to do. I gave my feet a nice rub with some delicious minty lotion and painted them up all pretty. And then I sat on my ass and watched the Olympics.

guess that sport...
I'm not really one for sitting in front of the TV, but when it comes to the Olympics, you can find me on the couch.

Anyways, there's the updates. Anyone else have different preventive measures that they swear by? Always looking for tips.



  1. Foam rolling is the shit. Cody & nate would make us do it for at least like 10 minutes, and made sure we didnt just sit and do our hamstrings or our quads hahha. I stretch...I dont really warm up anymore before I stretch....which i guess is also a controversial topic, but I'm impatient. SO? You pretty much covered like 100% more than I do for prevention..So i cant help you with much input there. I do however think I need to invest in iron pills because I was so exhausted yesterday that I couldnt even move. I only did like an hour on the elliptical at a slow/medium/average speed (and had a cheat meal EVENT on Saturday night) yet I was so tired it was painful. so Iron it is??

    But I'd like to choose a vowel and say that the image is SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING? That sport is intense. I thought it was a joke before I actually sat down and watched it . Speechless when they went.

    1. i actually took iron for awhile. that's a good idea, i've been tired lately as well.

      YOU WERE CLOSE - synchronized diving :)


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