Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August. Let's talk Logistics.

bird diarrhea.

Even after coming outside this morning to bird diarrhea all over my car, my spirits were not dampened. Why?

August. It’s August, and I couldn’t be happier. Two reasons:

Oops, did I already use both of these pictures in previous posts? Sorry I'm not.

Our Colorado/Chicago/Danielle & Jeff's Wedding trip.

And then Labor Day shenanigans at the Delaware Beaches with my Colorado wolfpack.

August is going to be phenomenal.

Now, I owe you all another apology because today isn’t going to be weird. As much as I know you love my random weird/disturbing thoughts every Wednesday, the fact that it’s August 1 is going to override that.

July overview/August goals.

Looking back at July, I had a BLAST doing the Strong Like SusanAb Challenge through Run to the Finish. Honestly, she threw some AWESOME, challenging moves at me that I had never even thought of before, and I really feel stronger as a result.  If you are ever looking for a quick ab workout for the day, check out any of her Strong like Susan videos on Youtube. I recommend it.

this is Susan. she's a beast.
Other July recommendations? 

I don’t really feel like babbling on forever over plant-based smoothie supplements (although I could) but let me just say the samples that Vega sent me were were legit, so a huge thanks to them for sending them to me to try out.  My favorite? Tropical Tango, fo sho. I enjoyed them all, they are pretty low cal and PACKED with nutrients.

A dear friend of mine out in Colorado also sent me some samples from a company called Organo Gold that he works with.  I didn’t try them all, but did give the green tea and instant black coffe a go.  I was definitely a fan of the green tea, it had great flavor and helped to keep me on track with my “Drink more tea and less coffee” July pledge. If you’re interested in trying out the brand, let me know and I'll get you in touch with him.

Now, I know what you’re wondering. “Kait, what are your August goals?”

I’ve put some thought into it. And knowing that I will be traveling a lot over the next month, I’m keeping it fairly simple.
  •  Plank a  Day. #Plankaday – At least one plank, every day, continuously trying to lengthen my time. Shooting for 5 mins by September.
  • Clean Eating Challenge through Run to the Finish. I like her challenges, they are usually clear cut and offer great accountability. It also is a flexible challenge, which I need. Check out the challenge here.

Oh wait, one more thing. I officially have a running coach. But more on that later.


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