Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So last week Kait asked me to write a guest blog post for her. My immediate response was, "No, I have nothing to write about." Next thing I know she texts me the following:

So just because she's coming into town this weekend and I don't want her to be pouty with me, here it goes.

I am the younger, less fit, more rowdy version of Kait. Yes, I run. No, I do not have the same level of obsession. I ran my first half marathon back in April with a time of 1:56. Not to shabby considering it was smack dab in the middle of my senior year at the University of Illinois. 

Which consisted of a lot of this:

and these:

donut burgers....
Clearly offsetting a potentially healthy lifestyle with an extremely unhealthy one. 

Now, as a depressed recent grad living at home I don't run nearly as much as I should. This is because 

A) while not at work I spend the majority of my time commuting on the Metra and 

B) my only workout buddy in Crystal Lake is my mother who has brainwashed me into thinking nightly walks with her are an ample amount of exercise. I don't hate it one bit. 

Rewind to the fact that I spend the MAJORITY of my free time on the Metra everyday. I found myself depressed reading [keeping off the lbs post] and realizing that I was probably getting thicker by the minute due to sitting on my ass all day at work/Metra. 

THEN Kait quoted that some study say that sitting is now comparable to smoking? No thanks. So then I was like "hey! maybe I'll start small and try this healthy lifestyle thing again now that the college days have come and gone!!". Wait what? The Metra is too poor to have workout cars?! Weird. Okay, I will just stand instead of sit the hour long train ride and call it a success. 

So since June I have been that awkward girl who stands in between cars where people exit and enter the train. Better than nothing right? Until...

I was minding my own business the other day in my little nook when some 40-something man was like, "girl, no way you want to stand in this area, we call it the drunk cab." I ignored the stranger, as my mother always taught me to do, put on my headphones and blasted some Three Dog Night, naturally. 

Sooner rather than later I am sharing a Miller Light 6-pack with a nice 20-something, exchanging movie reviews with a 40-something chugging wine, and discussing property in Wicker Park with a 60-something drinking a Whiskey Coke. Did the drunk cab initiate me as one of their own? Maybe. It is a beautiful place on the 5:16 NW line, 3 entrances down from the front, where a fabulous daily drinking gathering takes place. Some of the crew has been riding the Metra over 30 YEARS - with wonderful stories to share.

 I [usually] still stand daily, but I feel as if something is now hindering it from being classified as a healthy lifestyle activity.

Whelp, I tried. 

Can't wait to pour lots of calories down Kait's throat this weekend!!



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