Friday, August 3, 2012

Complacency is a Four Letter Word

Let's talk complacency, shall we?

I meant what I said up there in the title. I strongly dislike, fear, even disdain the idea of complacency. I have zero patience for people who are blatantly complacent. Who sit around and complain about their current situation, yet do NOTHING to create change.

I never want to be one of those people. And I feel myself flirting with it. Remember this post?

Let me back track quickly for ya'll. <-- insert twangy accent there. Last week Andrew and I were on a run, and decided to have one of those deep-ish type conversations that couples have on occasion.

no, we were not holding hands while running. 
While arguing chatting, we stumbled upon the topic of complacency... a verb/noun/issue/thing that both of us mutual fear.

Alright Kait sweet story, where is this going?

((angry glare))

Hold. Your. Horses. And never use that tone with me again.

In the midst of this whole adjustment/new job/trying to find friends etc. etc. so on and so forth, I am beginning to feel myself falling complacent. Not cool.

“You all know," said the Guide, "that security is mortals' greatest enemy.” 

So my solution... is not only to set goals over the course of the next few months in a few different areas of my life... but to make big(ish) change in regards to my running life.

I met up with her (at Starbucks), loved what I saw heard, shook her hand and asked her to be my coach. Or at least that's how I remember it.  Miss Zippy knows her shiz - check her out.

Amanda's going to help me to become a smarter runner. So that I don't do things like embark on my 20 mile training runs without water. Yes, I really did that once. And in the process of her helping me train for New York in both an effective and strategic manner, I hope to become a healthier runner in the process. That will be one of my New York goals, as I begin that fateful morning in November on that bridge....


Every week, every expectation will be laid out for me, and I will have things to work towards, and someone to report to. And that's something I need, and have really missed since college. Not to mention that Amanda is local, and I can actually run with her if the occasion seems fit. And hey, she happens to know a lot of other runners in the area. Even a developmental racing team in Columbia who are looking for runners....


You can think I'm crazy, that's fine. I see it as a smart move, and bettering myself in an area that I'm super passionate about. I don't spend money on clothes or high heeled shoes or highlites for my hair. I save in these areas so that I can run in races, buy overpriced running shoes, and continue to get better as an athlete. I've never had any kind of coaching/training in the realm of running (unless you count middle school track and field) and have been wanting to go this direction for awhile now.

There's my rant, there's my plan. And to wrap it up, don't let yourself become complacent. It's poisonous.



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