Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting Extra Weird

To make up for skipping Weird Wednesday last week, I thought I'd make this one extra special weird. How 'bout it?

I’ve been keeping a mental list of the following, just for you guys. So here we go… random things that I think about/occur on my runs:
  • Something is jacked up with my iPod. I think it has to do with it getting sweat on it. Anytime it’s super-hot out and I sweat a lot AKA every single day this summer, something goes haywire and my iPod volume turns up ALL THE WAY. Usually the scenario plays out as such:
the culprit.
1. Volume explodes to full blast, nearly blowing out my ear drums.
2. I make an odd high-pitched yelp mid-run, possibly even do a small leap, and then fumble to turn it down.

It usually happens a few times right around the middle of my runs, and then calms down again. Weird right?
  • I feel strongly that gyms should never have ‘skinny mirrors’ in them, but more on the side of fat mirrors. Because if you go to the gym and see a slimmer version of yourself and think “Damn I look good today” then you lose the motivation for a hard workout. Gym mirrors should be on the heavier side... just sayin'
  • I have a soft spot in my heart for old men. I realize most people do, as Andrew and I almost had a meltdown the last week of softball when the team we played had an old man pitching on the mound. He was trying SO HARD to pitch well, and I felt so bad that I made a point to hit a slow-rolling dribbler that he easily got a hold of to throw me out.  Emotional softness won over my competitive side that night.

hottest softball team ever.
Along these same lines, I oftentimes find myself feeling really badly when passing old men on the running trail. Because odds are, back in his prime this man would have blown right by me. I usually internally cringe when passing an old chap, and cross my fingers that it isn’t a crushing blow to his ego and at this point he’s just happy to still be able to run.

  • I hate running with water. I know I've mentioned this before. When I have to bring water with me on runs, it literally infuriates me. I’m convinced that it slows me down, although there is no logical evidence to back up this mind set.
  • Along the same lines, I have zero issue with dashing off of the beaten path and squatting down in the middle of mother nature. Let’s be honest, 12 +  mile runs typically call for a bathroom stop at some point, and if I’m not near a park I’ve never had an issue with it, as long as I’m hidden.
  • I'm fairly confident that I'm the only person in the state of Maryland who has this sticker on their car:

Plenty of OBX (outer banks) and other beach-like stickers around the area for sure. Oh neat, you went to the beach for a weekend and sat on your ass? I ate shit tore up Winter Park all winter long, last year.

Let’s wrap this up with a question. Does anyone else agree that in Zac Brown Band’s new song “Natural Disaster” when he sings:

She's a natural disaster
She'll tear the land in two
She's running to be running
Cause it's all she knows to do

That he’s talking about me? Because I do. I literally think he wrote that song for me.

Check out right around 2:00 mins if you're interested.

That’s all folks. Hope this satisfied your weird cravings, because it sure satisfied mine.

Enjoy your hump day, cheers!

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