Saturday, August 25, 2012

In Limbo

Late August always puts me in a very strange mood. It's definitely the end of summer.. with hints of fall. Fall is definitely one of, if not my favorite season of the four. Yet it's always bittersweet to say goodbye to summer, no matter how hot it's been.

couldn't resist another CO pic
Fall always reminds me of my college days, being a college athlete, and living the life in a house full of best friends.

that's me, hanging on the BU sign. miss you girls.

I honestly feel like the slow weather change is contributing to my weird, moodiness. I feel super "in limbo."

Because of that, runs have been alright, not great. I'm honestly not going to sweat it too much until we hit September, which will be about two months out from NYC.

Remember in my August Goals post when I ran my mouth about wanting to do a 5 min. plank? My best plank so far looks like this:

So, to quickly revise that goal with about a week left in August, I'm going to cut it in half and make it 2:30. Talk about overestimating.

If I recall correctly, I also joined the Run to the Finish Clean Eating Challenge. Now I didn't have super high hopes for this, knowing we had a 10 day trip planned. But even after getting back this week it's been a bit of a struggle, especially since I tend to make food one of my best friends when I'm sad.

I may or may not have stuffed a cupcake down my throat in the midst of a panic attack at work on Thursday.

I will say, I'm proud that my Friday Treat to myself at lunch yesterday was a Chipotle Salad. That's pretty clean, right?

 Another high point of yesterday was the fact that although I considered, I did not eat the rest of the guacamole out of the little cup, with my fingers. I used a spoon instead.

my tweet yesterday
So there's some more thoughts and emotions for ya. And if you think these sentimental, gooey posts are exhausting, imagine how my boyfriend feels.

Speaking of him, we are running the Annapolis 10 Mile race together tomorrow. That will be the longest distance he has ever run, so shoot him some love, or leave him some below for encouragement. I'll relay it on.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I'll leave you with some awesomeness that I stumbled upon on Pinterest last night. Because only the cool kids go to bed at 10 on Friday nights.


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