Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Returns

It's been a few weeks (three to be exact) since writing a Weird Wednesday post. That's too long, if you ask me.

But first, I have a story. Only because I always feel it's necessary to share my failures just as often as I share my successes. So real quick, let's talk about my date with the track last night.

tweet prior to run.

My assignment was to run six 800's (half miles), each around 2:50-2:55, with a slow 400 in between each 800.

I didn't think it would be an issue, I even made it sound like NBD in yesterday's post, as well as on Twitter.

Oh, it most definitely was NOT NBD. The results are as follows:


and I almost died fighting for those times under 3 mins. died.

oh kait, you look so sad. and tired. that's because i am.
Oh well, I suppose without failure there wouldn't be success. Or anything to work towards.

On to a little weirdness. just a little bit.

I really like cleaning my car. It's possibly one of my favorite things to do, and it's typically on my weekly to-do list.

her name is Shannon in case you were wondering.
Speaking of to-do lists, that's another one of my favorite past-times. I would say, on average, I have about 4-5 lists going on a daily basis. Is that weird?

blurred out, of course. because that's my business, not yours.
I also enjoy spending massive amounts of time making playlists. Music is a huge passion of mine, as you can see from my iTunes library...

you read that correctly. 4686 songs and counting.

I've been told, by multiple people, that my playlist making ability is a gift. I can't really argue that. However, if I told you the amount of time that I just spent making playlists for the beach this weekend, I'm pretty confident you would think less of me.

not 1, but 2 playlists.

"Kait, you didn't tell us you are going to the beach this weekend!" Patience my friends, patience. The time will come for my beach story.

Anyone else love playlists/making lists/cleaning their car? Please, share a (weird) little passion you may have.



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