Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Funday

I’m not upset that it’s Monday. Not even a little bit.

Want to know why? Because today is one step closer to Friday. And it’s not just my typical Friday, this Friday. It’s the start of Part-I-of-my-summer-vacay-in-Colorado Friday.

in 5 days i will be standing in this creek.
 I’m ecstatic.

This past weekend was what one may have labeled 'touristy'. On Saturday Andrew and I took the opportunity to go down to DC, since it’s a city neither of us have spent tons of time in. We had breakfast in Eastern market, checked out the U.S. history museum, and ate five million calories lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl, a popular, historical restaurant in the area.

Chili Cheese Fries. So good yet equally so bad. I know.

hanging out with the horse at the museum
I also saw this written on the sidewalk, and loved it. Very inspiring.

In preparation for the trip, I have a pretty busy week ahead. On my lunch break today I ran to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some super healthy snacks and produce and in the process picked up two of my favs:

4 cals per nut? yes please.
lunch on my back porch
 I’m also now officially following the training plan that Amanda made for meShe put together my first week for me based off of a timed two-mile run that I did on the track for her, that I was actually really proud of:

splits were 6:35 & 6:31
Since Friday night we will be flying, and Saturday morning driving up into the mountains, I will be somehow squeezing in my long run Friday morning before work. 14 miles at 5 AM? Can’t wait.

I did 13 miles last night and it was decent. I can officially say that I’m over summer, mind-blowing humidity, and random out-of-nowhere thunderstorms. When I think about fall, cooler temperatures, football and all things pumpkin, I literally become giddy. But that’s a whole different rant, for a whole different day.

Hope you started off your week on the right foot. Any stories to share?


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  1. Disregarding how unhealthy it is...On a scale of one to foodgasm... how good is Ben's Chili Bowl?! Almost moved to DC just for Ben.


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