Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chi City Healing

My friends, I missed you! So excited to finally share my weekend with you all. 

best city in the world.
And man, do I have updates.

First thing’s first: I’m officially training for the New York Marathon. After landing at BWI yesterday morning around 8:30 and heading straight to work, I was seriously exhausted by the time I got home that evening. I’m going to blame it on my 3 AM wakeup call in order to catch my 5:55 AM flight.

on the car ride there.
Long story short, I had to give myself a serious pep talk to complete Day 1 of training. It was an easy 7, and I ended up feeling great by the time I was done.

But before I get too wrapped up in giving you a play by play of my training plan, let’s talk Chicago.

the bride-to-be and me
 Great trip as a whole. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more. Great time with both friends and family. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve put together a few random statistics on the weekend:

Number of sushi rolls eaten: About 4. Wouldn’t have been a date night with my lovely friend Lyndi without sushi.

Number of miles run: 3. With the sis, who I literally had to drag out the door. Who was also anti-picture.

However, my grandma was not anti-pic.

lookin' good grams
Number of beers consumed: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Number of times Danielle (the bachlorette) asked random men for a tampon: At least 4.

Number of times seeing my last name at U.S. Cellular field and feeling cool: Twice.

Number of sombreros worn: 1. For a good portion of Saturday night. And I received numerous compliments on it. 

In regards to the Bachelorette Party itself, I really don’t think it could have gone much more smoothly, all considered. And I think the bride-to-be would agree. We took a joy ride around the city in the limo (my first time in one), dined at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, attended a drag show and then danced the night away.

I didn’t lose anything. We didn't get thrown out of anywhere. And we made it home in one piece, shoes and all. Even if I didn't wear them all night.

oh sorry, does that gross you out? not me.
I even was up to catch the 10:30 AM train home to Crystal Lake that next morning. Please, be impressed.

And now, it’s back to reality. In all honesty, I’m looking forward to a slow-paced, uneventful week to get back on track work-wise, eating-wise, and training-wise.


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