Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fighting with the Alarm Clock

I'm so excited about this evening, that I literally put this on the minute I got back from my afternoon run.

What is it that I'll be doing this evening?

Oh baby you can find me, in the back of a jacked up tailgate.

Aaaaand in case you live in a hole didn't know, those are lyrics from a Jason Aldean song. 
Aaaaand if you really still need me to spell it out, I'm going to his concert tonight.

yum. (source)
But first, quick recap of my morning for you. Because I know how much you care.

I had every intent to get up around 7 AM this morning and run somewhere around 12 miles. The alarm clock won that battle...

It just wasn't happening.

I know my body pretty well at this point (it only took 24 years) and I know the kind of tired I can power through and be OK with, and the kind that is the unhealthy, fall asleep at the concert tonight kind of tired.

So I hit snooze, and the run was put on hold. My bed was singing me sweet lullabies.

However by the time we got out of church it was already pushing 90 and as humid as a green house. So the 12 miles turned into 8, because I'm really not the biggest fan of heat these days, and also HATE carrying water with me.

water belts make me sad.
I also knew this was one of the last two weekends I could go shorter mileage and be OK with it, because 'strict training' for New York doesn't start until 7/23.

Enough babbling for me; I'm pulling on my boots and my new sundress from Target, and making a break for it. Really looking forward to letting my cowgirl side come out tonight, something Maryland really doesn't know how to embrace.

Because as they say out West, once you experience a Cheyenne Frontier Days country concert, you can never go back.
...I'm fairly confident no one has ever actually said that.

But in my own words, you haven't lived until you've gone to a country concert in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

You also haven't lived until you've gone swing dancing at a local country bar there and lost your ID you thought you had safely stowed away in your boot.... 4 days before you have to get on a flight.

Enjoy your Sunday, however you choose!


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