Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keeping off the LBs

In a stark contrast to last week, this week is freaking flying by for me. Can’t believe it’s already another (weird) Wednesday!

this seemed appropriate.

Piggy-backing off of what I started rambling about in yesterday’s post regarding workplace goodies, today I wrote up a little something about my (weird) tendencies that I have at work… in efforts to not let my sedentary-ness catch up with me.

kicking off the shoes at work
AKA how to avoid those extra LBs at work. It just so happens that I’m extremely passionate about this topic, specifically because of all the studies that continue to come out regarding how BAD sitting is for you. Some studies have even compared it to smoking –> no joke.

 For your own viewing pleasure, I will present these items in a list format. Let it be known these are my own opinions [things I do] that have been working fairly well for me so far.

Also let it be known I’m not making any of these things up. 

1.  Stairs. Simple concept. Avoid the elevator at all costs.

2. Stand up at least once an hour. At least.  I usually shoot for once every half hour. Even if you’re simply talking on the phone, or have a question to ask a coworker across the way; get your ass up and walk your pretty self over there. 
my work space

3.       Sometimes, usually about once a day, I’ll do a few body weight squats in the bathroom stall after peeing. I can’t believe I’m publicly admitting this as I realize a handful of my coworkers will likely read this. But yes, it’s true.

4.       If space/office environment allows, sit on a ball. Make sure you’re sitting up straight and that the ball is big enough for you… and keep your core engaged. 

5.       In order to promote myself getting up at least once every 60 minutes as well as good hydration, I try to maintain a pretty solid stream of liquids into my body. AKA, I drink coffe/water/tea all day. 

keeping the options open


 6.  Use your lunch breaks wisely. Unless you have a lunch date or something of the sorts, use lunch to take a few laps around the building, walk to a local park, etc. Sometimes if temperatures allow, I’ll use my lunch to go for a short jog.

7.  When you do have lunch dates with coworkers, plan ahead. When I know what restaurant we're going to, I typically check out the menu online beforehand to see the calories etc. for the meal options.

8. If possible, stand and work for periods of time. It isn’t the easiest option for me due to my use of dual monitors, but on occasion I will take my laptop and do some work standing at the edge of my cube. And as my coworker so eloquently put it,

“Kait you kind of creep me out when you stand over there.”
Long hair

9.       Like I mentioned yesterday, office treats are ever present. I typically give myself one ‘treat pass’ per week. Take that however you want to.

((I want you all to know it’s really bothering me that this list is comprised of 9 items, because I hate odd numbers. However for the sake of all of your precious time, I’m not going to make up a #10 simply to calm my OCD-ness.))

I realize this post might not be too out there for some of you, while others may now think I’m clinically insane. Nope, not insane. Just weird. Weird, and passionate about my health.

like this kinda passion
Also, a disclaimer: I realize that there will be busy days at work, when this stuff just isn’t possible. That shooting off emails and calling your coworkers will be necessary for the sake of saving time, instead of walking over to their desk.  I get that.

Hope you enjoyed, would love feedback and other healthy tactics you may use in the office.

 That’s it for now. I’m chi-town bound this weekend, and will give you all an update on that soon.



  1. That's my house! See you in 2 days!! :)

  2. Healthy work tactics: Be a Tennis Professional and play tennis all day... Sorry, had to say it :)

  3. I'm on my feet all day so these are great tips for the day when I will inevitably have a full-time office-bound job!

  4. I really want to bring in my ball after your suggestion, but mine has the poke things coming out of it. Hehe. I do stand for 30 minutes at a time though! :) Love that you're passionate about itttt and ee its areunion in the chi. Erin's comign this weekend. Although I may not see you because Ill be in Wisconsin at a friends Lakehouse. Have fun and stay rich!


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