Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weird Wednesdays

Yesterday I bought this. And tried it out in my smoothie today. And it made me so happy.

But that’s besides the point. As some of you know by now, most of my thinking/creative writing gets done on my runs. In my head.

Last week while I was running I passed a man mowing his lawn. It was a beautiful afternoon, and this particular man looked extremely content. And so I instantly became very jealous.

I started thinking about how much I LOVE mowing lawns. It’s therapeutic in a similar manner to running, yet offers instant gratification, because when I’m done I can take a step back and proclaim “Look at my beautiful work. Look at those straight ass lines running through the yard!”

No this is not my lawn. Pic was found here.
As these thoughts were running through my head, my legs still running underneath me, I then thought, “Man I wish I could write about this on my blog. But it’s just so…. Weird.”

Ladies and gents, I would like to introduce to you “Weird Wednesdays.”  Because everyone has a little bit of weird in them (me a bit more than others) and because everyone loves to hear weird stories and ideas. I have seen some other blogs do Thankful Thursdays and Fun Fact Fridays, but I think I’m going to go a different route. So from here on out, expect a weird story, thought, memory or fact (just about) every Wednesday.
Me being weird with the Olympic statues at the Olympic Training Center.
So to properly launch my Weird Wednesdays series, please allow me to finish my thoughts on lawn mowing.

Not only do I find it therapeutic, it’s also a great way to catch some sun (I usually mow in my sports bra or even my bikini if it’s super hot) listen to some jams on your IPod, and get your sweat on.  According to, a 150 lb person will burn about 138 calories per half hour mowing the lawn. Boom.

I don't have any pictures of myself mowing the lawn. Close enough.
Finishing up my run, I found myself becoming borderline distraught because I realized that I probably won’t be living in a house with a lawn for a while still… and therefore have no way of mowing anytime soon.  I considered the option of posting some flyers around the neighborhoods for free lawn mowing. Kind of creepy, coming from a 20 something year old girl… but still a possibility.

Me being distraught.
I can’t wait to have my own lawn, all to myself to mow. And if I had to guess, no one is going to be fighting me off for that household chore.

Anyone else love mowing the lawn… or have any strange attachments to household chores in general?

Cheers to a very Weird Wednesday!


  1. Weird Wednesday's suites you. PS - love the race schedule

  2. Oddly enough, I like vacuuming. you get those perfect lines in the was almost enough to make me sad for a minute when I moved to a condo with hardwood floors! {But then I realized that was much less time I'd have to spend cleaning, and the world was OK again}.

    1. I don't mind vacuuming as well!! However I can't say I would be sad if I had all hardwood floors instead :)

  3. Hey--Thanks for stopping by my blog! So have you come out for a Sat. morning bagel run yet? Do you have any local training partners yet (or want?). I can hook you up if you want.

    So funny on the lawn mowing. I have never, ever liked it! Leave it to my hubs 100%. I'm sure he'd loan you the task while you wait for your own lawn! ; )

    1. Hi! I haven't come out yet - I keep planning to and then chickening out. My plan is to join sign up for Howard County Striders this weekend... expect an email from me sometime soon actually

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