Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy June!

Not only did yesterday mark National Donut Day. And the First Day of June.

It was also Jean day, and Frozen Yogurt Day within my office, two things that I fully embraced. The later probably a bit too much, as the new blueberry cheesecake flavored frozen yogurt at our local spot literally blew my mind.

Friday also entailed another visit to the eye doctor and I was happy to learn that the ulcers in my eyes are healing up nicely. Gross. Still at least another week in glasses but I’m over that whole situation. I’m even developing some super sexy tan lines from running in my glasses, which I hope to deepen today on the bike ride that Andrew and I are going on. I hear the raccoon look is in.

New months always get me oddly excited, mainly because I like to see it as a fresh start. Yesterday I stumbled upon a 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge on an awesome blog- Run to theFinish. Essentially the challenge is to drink one green smoothie a day within the month of June. The benefits of green smoothies are awesome – from healthier hair/nails, to simply getting tons of nutrients in one simple glass. It also gives the opportunity to eat veggies you normally wouldn't - and mask the taste if needed.

The second challenge for the month that I’m verbally committing to – foam rolling, daily. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to stretch more, and that hasn’t happened… at all. But people, specifically runners, have been singing praises about foam rolling to the extent that I can no longer ignore it. Especially since my mom brought hers out this past weekend that she doesn’t use, and it’s now literally sitting in the corner of my room.
glasses = hot

 Foam roller = new best friend.

Anyone else taking on any monthly challenges for June? I highly recommend it. Do it.  



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