Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A new-found love

I got myself a new seat at work.

I now switch back and forth between my ball and my chair. On top of helping me to sit up straight and keep my core engaged, it also seconds as a source of entertainment; bouncing.

Second on the agenda: I think I may be in love… with a grocery store.

Literally since I moved to the area in February, people have been talking about the new Wegman’s store that was going to be opening in Columbia. I had never heard of it until then. The grand opening was this past weekend, and people have literally been crapping their pants freaking out over it.

So today, on my lunch, I decided to head over and see what it was all about. And then I crapped my pants as well.

The outside from the parking garage
didn't get to experience the entire store, as it was still a madhouse from the recent grand opening. It literally has its own gigantic parking garage, and I couldn't find a space until I got to the very top deck. There were even nice men up there directing traffic.

From first glance, and first experience, I want to say it’s like a Whole Foods on crack… with a little less of that ‘granola’ feel. On top of being a grocery store, it is also a gigantic restaurant/buffet/sandwich bar/sushi bar/salad bar… the list goes on and on. You could literally walk in there and get anything you ever wanted for a quick meal. And from what I could see through the masses of people, it offered some super healthy, reasonable options.

The store layout taken from here
 Due to simultaneously feeling extremely overwhelmed, ecstatic and hungry, I just grabbed a thing of sushi and headed to the checkout. I then proceeded to 1 of their 15 outdoor patios to dine in the sun.

Veggie roll

 The sushi was great, and I housed it in approximately 2 minutes. And then I went back inside and did something bad.
Brownie Cheesecake AKA heaven
I really can’t say I regret it; it was honestly one of the most delicious deserts that I've had in a long time. And then I went back to work and bounced on my ball for awhile.

Have any of you guys ever heard of/been to a Wegman’s before? It honestly blew my mind, and I’m super psyched that it’s so close to my house.



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