Sunday, June 17, 2012

A bunch of firsts, and a second place finish.

Judging by the picture below, I would say that this morning was a great success.

Mud & Bagels. What more can a girl want?
Today's race was the first one that I have run since Boston. It was also my first Maryland race since moving out here... my first completely headphone free race... and my first trail race.

Boy was I unprepared. Although it was just a 10k, but I've already told a few people that it's quite possibly one of the harder races that I have run thus far. It kicked my ass. Let me take that back... the muddy hills, the running through creeks, and jumping over logs.. all those things kicked my ass.

My splits for the race are borderline hysterical, as I keep right around a 7 minute pace with the exception of mile 2 and 5... which drop down to 9 mins. Gee I wonder why.

Hey, that's me!
All in all I finished at 50:03. Typically I wouldn't be happy with a time like that for a 10k; my P.R is 43:50. But seeing that I ended up being the second woman to cross the finish line, and only 7 minutes behind the first guy, I'll go ahead and pat myself on the back.

$25 gift certificate to a running store? Don't mind if I do.
I'm not sure how I feel about trail races yet. I would need to do another to make a fair judgement. It most certainly offered a change of scenery, as the state park that we ran it in was beautiful. Yet I will say I'm looking forward to my flat 5k road race coming up in two weeks.

Following the race I treated myself to two of my favorite things; a bike ride to the pool, and an ice cold smoothie.
Beth, my bike.

Not my best shot. Yes mom I'm wearing sunscreen.

Smoothie Time
The wonderfulness inside of the thermos was a Mango Cucumber Lime Smoothie. So good, I had to share the recipe:

-Half a mango (or frozen chunks)
-1/3 -1/2 of a cucumber (sliced)
- 3-4 TB of lime juice
- 1 banana
- 1 cup of milk

It sounds like a weird combo, I know, but it was honestly the perfect summer afternoon treat. Try it out!

How was everyone's weekend? Anyone else do any races?

I'm off to give myself a pedicure. Cheers!

After all that mud, my feet deserve it.


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