Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aggressive Geese

In order to keep the ball rolling on my Weird Wednesday series, I want to throw out a really bold, judgmental statement.

I really hate geese.

Yes, I made a point to take each & every one of these pictures.
 If you’re response to that is “Yeah Kait no shit everyone hates geese, they’re annoying” ...please let me explain. Because my hatred does not stem solely from the fact that they crap all over the place. They are extremely aggressive birds, and they scare me. And on occasion, they have literally run me off the trail.

Goose Poo. It's everywherreeee

 I can dodge their excessive droppings on the trails in Columbia fairly well. Yet when it comes to them charging at me, sometimes after me, down the trail… that I can’t handle. And the hissing, what’s up with the hissing?

There they are... just stalking the running trail. Waiting to make their moves...

 I would be lying if I said I’ve never hissed back at them. But I suppose, on the bright side, anytime I run near the ponds (which is almost daily) I am forced to run a bit faster out of fear. And I now go extremely out of my way, looping off of the path so that I no longer am charged by these rabid geese.

Me and my mortal enemies

Along the same topic of animals coming at me on runs, I also have an irrational fear of stepping on small rodents while running. For some reason I have this engrained mental image of a tiny rabbit, or squirrel running under my feet while I plug away down the bike path. Like everywhere else in the world, they are ALWAYS along the sides of the path eating clover or whatever the heck that they eat; and just being all rodenty. And then they see me coming, get this weird panicky look in their eyes and freeze.

cute little guy... just not the brightest crayon in the box.

And in my mind I just play this slow motion scenario of their stupid little brains freaking out, and instead of running away from me, they run directly under my feet. And are crushed.


I would love to know:

A. Does anyone else have issues with overly aggressive geese in their area?
B. Has anyone actually stepped on a rodent? Or is this fear as irrational as I think?

Now ducks I have no issues with. They keep to themselves.
Anyways, there’s your daily dose of weirdness. Cheers!


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