Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Purple Spandex, Kiwis, and Being Born to Run

As many of you may already know by now, today is National Running Day. And of course I celebrated it by running. At breakfast, lunch and dinner.

lunchtime run

No I haven’t gone off the deep end; it was only a couple miles at a time, 10 in total on the day. And each time was a great time. But I would have to say that the breakfast run was my favorite.

Not only because I wore my new purple Nike running spandex that I got at the outlets for $10…

I have no idea where these pictures came from,
 I blacked out when I took them.
but because I managed to talk Andrew into joining me for my 6 a.m. excursion. And it ended up being beyond entertaining.

The first mile or so he ranted about the Celtics/Heat game from last night. Why he is suddenly an avid Heat fan is beyond me, but I let him vent for a while.

After about a mile he began insisting that we cross the street a few times because the side we were on ‘just didn’t feel right’. Next he spotted a gated community college’s track and sprinted towards it, urging me to hop the fence with him and do a few laps. My hesitation came from

A. getting arrested for trespassing and
B. breaking an ankle
… and I was able to convince him that we had to continue on.

Conversation then shifted to the book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougal which he is currently reading, and I already have read. It’s a great read yet apparently all he’s retained from it so far is that we were literally born to run. The last mile home consisted of random outbursts of him screaming encouragement over his shoulder:
“Kait, we were BORN TO DO THIS.”

I’m sure the surrounding neighborhoods enjoyed the wakeup call.

It was much livelier than my typical morning runs alone when I rarely even remember the first half, or how I even got out of bed in the first place. After returning home I quickly threw together a delicious bowl of Kiwi Cinnamon Oatmeal – a simple concoction that sounds random, but is sweet and filling.

-          ½ cup of oats
-          1 TB of ground flax
-          1 TB of cinnamon
-          1 kiwi

Fill bowl with the first three ingredients and then enough water to more than cover the oats. Microwave for 2 minutes and slice the kiwi over the top.  VOILA!

How did you guys embrace National Running Day?

I'm off to our weekly softball game... in my glasses. Not the best combo, but what can ya do.


  1. DANGIT! Total fail, today was my cross training day so I didn't even run!!! I am loving your blog by the way girl :) I'm just gonna have to kick some major booty on my run tomorrow to make up for it! Darn my OCD and inability to change a cross train day to a run.... :P

  2. I laughed at the part where you said Andrew was yelling "WE WERE BORN TO DO THIS"

    1. Haha and he has continued to do that for the past week.

  3. I can totally see him screaming "WE WERE BORN TO RUN!" much like he would scream his words of wisdom on the Freedom Trail in Boston

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