Friday, June 22, 2012

Outside of the Comfort Zone

This week really pushed me out of my comfort zone, for a variety of reasons. Three reasons, to be exact.

Reason #1: It was hot. And humid. And so physically, I was uncomfortable.  The major factor is that our AC broke at our house.. and temps hovered around 85 inside. Not. Comfortable. At all. So uncomfortable in fact, that I lost my ability to text message correctly:

Big Autocorrect Fail.
 So uncomfortable, that my coconut oil that I had just bought from Trader Joes, melted. Completely.

This is suppose to be a solid.
Reason #2: Track intervals.

Andrew called me up after work on Wednesday and suggested we head to the track to do some sprinting. My initial reaction? F no I don’t want to go run sprints in 95 degree heat. I already had a hill workout planned, and it’s always hard for me to defer from my planned workout schedule.

Yet I couldn’t say no to the guy who I have vowed to help get into half marathon shape. SO, I agreed. I would say it was similar to running on the sun with legs made of brick. It was a definitely a different kind of workout for me, and I felt it the next day. All-in-all, it was eye-opening.  I plan to try to get out to the track about once a week now.
Yup. Panting like a dog.

And last but not least, Reason #3: I swam.

I’ve been saying that I want to incorporate swimming into my workouts now for literally about two months.  I used my eye situation as an excuse for the past few weeks.. but realized this week I really had no excuse anymore. So I went to the gym, and dove in. Literally.

Kait the dolphin
 In total, I probably only swam for about 20 minutes. And I’m sure I looked like a struggling dolphin or something along those lines. Yes I just compared myself to a dolphin. Yet I left the pool happy, and hope to make swimming a once a week affair as well.

A stop at 7/11 last night resulted in my treat of the week:

 Because there is no other way to beat the heat. And I’m not talking about the Miami Heat, because apparently they can’t be beaten. Next year OKC, next year.

Everyone have a fantastic weekend, stay cool, and do something epic. As for me, I’m off to Ocean City until Sunday!


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  1. You are amazing!! Way tot go girl! Not to mention, you CRACK me up... I might have to sleep on your crotch bahhhhahaha love your face!!


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