Friday, June 29, 2012

Finding A Balance

Oh Hey Friday. It's been awhile... too long actually.

Hold on, wait wait wait... let me me just join in with the masses really quick and make a cliche comment about how hot it is.

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IT'S SUMMER PEOPLE. What do you expect? Shut your flappers, unless you're out in Colorado which is literally on fire. They actually have something to complain about.


I figured I would let my English Major side of me shine once more, and write a quick book review, seeing that I finally finished up Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs. This way, I can take part in Peanut Butter Fingers book club this month. Yay!

If you don't have any premise on what the book is about, check this out really quick

Karl was also a big fan of the book.
When I first started reading, it honestly caused me a little bit of anxiety. Each chapter covers a different aspect of health, from hearing to exercise to eating... to stress.Then I became even more stressed when reading the chapter on stress... in which I then I realized I was defeating the purpose of reading the book, and took a chill pill.

The book is an easy read, whether you are super into health or not. He keeps things light and comical and never stays on one topic for too long. In general I would say it helped to give me a broader scope on health itself, outside of the popular realm of food and exercise.

I also realize that we have a tendency to make similar facial expressions.

The chapter on sitting, or sedentariness really caught my attention. When touching upon how horrible sitting for long periods of time is, he states that it is, "Really bad, like smoking-unfiltered-menthol's-while-eating -cheese-coated-lard-and-screaming-at-your-spouse bad."

In essence, the human race simply wasn't built to sit. I did some more research on the topic and it's on an area that I'm particularly amped up about...but that rant will be saved for another post.

To avoid this post turning into a 40 page double spaced research paper, I will keep this 'review' surface level. Now that I'm finished, I would say my main take away is also his own takeaway from his project- have a healthier approach to health.

does it look like I'm pondering? I tried.
Live a healthy balance, and realize you just cannot cover every single base when it comes to health. Our environment is filled with toxins, loud noises are bad for us, sugar is horrible for us - but there's no possible way you can avoid it all.

Too much alcohol is bad for you, red wine is good for you. Soy is good for your heart, yet some studies say it is linked to breast cancer. There's just no winning, and that's kind of the conclusion that A.J. comes to as well. Find your own healthy balance, and live it out the best that you can.

"I'll follow fitness expert Oscar Wilde's advice: Be moderate in all things, including moderation. There's room for immoderate. Celebratory feasts can be healthy, and the occasional triathlon as well."
-A.J. Jacobs

He also includes short appendices at the end of the book with main bullet point takeaways for different health topics. My favorite?

"Have meetings like you're a character in The West Wing, walking and talking quickly through the office corridors."  Yes, definitely doing that.

I've never personally seen the West Wing,  but I think this is what he's talking about.

Whether you are a huge health nut or just an average, curious person, I recommend this book. It's a fairly quick read, and definitely informative.

Anyone else out there have feelings/opinions on the book, or general thoughts on living a healthy lifestyle?

Hope you all have a very healthful weekend, however you want to take that ;) I plan to work on my mental health tonight, with an evening by the pool in Annapolis.



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